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very concerned about depressed 8 year old help

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labadan Mon 04-Apr-05 19:53:17

My best friend's 8 year old boy is severely depressed and anxious. He has repeatedly spoken of killing himself and his brothers, can't sleep, can't eat, won't go to school, and in his worst moods is violent to his parents. His younger brothers have chronic health problems, as does he. His father is severely depressed and has been signed off work, and my friend has lost her job as a result of spending too much time looking after her sick children. The healthcare setup where she lives cannot cope with her family's various problems nad her GP has told her she is basically on her own as their child mental health unit cannot cater for children younger than 12. They have offered her a play therapist and psychologist but her son will not go and see them. If they need to leave the house they have to force him into the car and if her husband is not there they can't leave the house as she can't get him into the car on her own. The only thing I can think of to do to help her is to throw money at her so at least they don't get their house repossessed, but I haven't got any! Also I don't live near so I can't just pop in for moral support. Please can anyone help me? I am fed up with just listening on the phone and being unable to help. Yours in desperation......

morningpaper Mon 04-Apr-05 20:02:31

Have you tried your local branch of MIND? Some of them run projects for children and carers.

prettyfly1 Mon 04-Apr-05 23:49:06

have you also tried encouraging family councelling? Relate run a couple that can help perhaps work out why such a young child would be in such a bad way. Everyone can get theor individual frustrations, thoughts and fears out in a safe environment.

Really feel for this family sounds like the little boy feels nothing is fun anymore and at eight the world should still be exciting!!! Hope it improves for them!!!!

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