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a question about contraception

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sallycinamon Thu 22-Jan-09 15:39:25

DD2 is 6 months and we are unlikely to have another child although I wouldn't rule it out completely. Can anyone recommend a form of contraception that doesn't cause a reduction in libido (as couldn't get much lower at the moment!!), weight gain or an increase in boob size? In fact is there anything out there that actually increases libido ...?!

I was thinking about the coil, perhpas the Mirena, but I've just been researching it on web and it seems to have some nasty side effects and bad press.


Sidge Thu 22-Jan-09 15:58:08

If you want to avoid weight gain and changes in libido then it might be best to go for a non-hormonal contraceptive i.e. a copper coil, or a barrier method such as condoms.

Not all pills will cause changes in libido or weight gain but it is more likely. It's so variable, what suits one woman won't necessarily suit another.

As for increasing libido I recommend lots of sleep, small amounts of alcohol and a weekend away from your children! grin

sallycinamon Thu 22-Jan-09 18:01:17

thanks Sidge. Will look into the other types of coil.

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