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Herbalife - what is it? Urgent, please

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sansouci Mon 04-Apr-05 12:19:11

I found a website that offers the possibility of working from home... it does sound too good to be true but I filled out the internet form anyway. I've been contacted both by phone & e-mail, asking me if I'm interested in selling a product called Herbalife. Isn't there something dodgy about this stuff? Please help - I have to give them an answer today and I don't want to get involved in any scams. Thanks.

mummytosteven Mon 04-Apr-05 12:20:54

oh no you don't have to give them an answer today. anything legit wouldn't put that sort of pressure on you, and would be okay with you taking your time to think about it. don't feel pressurised into signing up.

nanna Mon 04-Apr-05 12:21:11

all i know that it is a diet plan - you take drinks and supplements and hopefully lose weight - my cousin did it, and lost weight, and then tried to sell it - her only comment is that you actually have to sell ALOT of it to make decent money

nanna Mon 04-Apr-05 12:22:16

agree with mummytosteven - anything that demands you answer in a time frame without giving you time to investigate is not good

sansouci Mon 04-Apr-05 12:23:35

Yes, I thought there would be a catch. I refuse to sell things to people. I told them I wanted to work using my pc, not phoning or ringing doorbells or whatever.

sansouci Mon 04-Apr-05 12:25:35

Not being pressured, actually. The man who phoned on Friday just said he would ring back on Monday after I had had a chance to look at the website. Good-looking website BTW, but still not clear on what this stuff is exactly.

nanna Mon 04-Apr-05 12:32:19

perhaps when he rings back, just ask a lot of pointed questions, and don't settle until you get detailed answers

tiffini Mon 04-Apr-05 12:33:10

i looked into herbalife a few years ago, as far as i remember it is selling herbal tablets at about £30 a pot, they claim to be miricle workers for weight problems.
It will cost you around £1000 to set up, and thats the smallest package.

if a company wants you to pay, so you can work for them it is a con.

jenkel Mon 04-Apr-05 13:08:51

My MIL used to take them, didnt seem to do her any good and it costs a fortune, she had pots and pots of tablets to take and the only thing she lost was money

Jimjams Mon 04-Apr-05 13:37:59

wouldn't recommend them. their sales tactics etc are ummmmm interesting shall we say. imo they give network marketing a bad name.

sansouci Mon 04-Apr-05 20:21:45

Thank you all v. much! The "gentleman" in question rang at 6:30 this evening; ds screaming for his supper, dd screaming because she'd trapped her finger in a drawer... you'd think he'd at least have had the decency to ask "may I call you at another time?" Hah. Told him I was rotten at sales.

I will do what I'm qualified to do: teach English & photography. harumphhh!

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