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broken metatarsal anyone ?

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bensmum3 Sun 03-Apr-05 22:59:20

Hi, has anyone ever broken a metatarsal in their foot ? did you have an x ray ? any treatment? was there a lump where it was broken? do you have any problems from it now ?

lilsmum Sun 03-Apr-05 23:01:44

where would the lump be? (if there was one) just curious as my dd is having probs with her foot at the mo, was at A&E on thurs with her

bensmum3 Sun 03-Apr-05 23:11:40

Feels like its the bone, its straight and flat on the other foot. just below where the toe starts.

jampots Sun 03-Apr-05 23:22:04

sorry no but it sounds painful

polly28 Mon 04-Apr-05 00:01:07

I've broken my big toe ,bloody painful.It was really swollen and I did have an xray.treatment was just strapping the toe to the toe next to it to stabilize it,and to rest it.,and painkillers.

I would recommend an xray if it'd really painful.Can you wiggle it,is it a good colour and not blue? is it swollen.If it's a straight fracture and the bones are still aligned then there is no treatment needed really as it will heal itself.If it's crooked it may need to be pulled straight ..ouch!

Hope that helps.

trinityrocks Mon 04-Apr-05 09:13:47

I broke the same bone in my foot that Beckham broke AND at the same time lol!!!!! I believe that that was a metetarsal. I did it trying not to fall headfirst down the stairs with my dd in my arms!! I thought I had just really wrenched my toe back under my foot but in the morning it was sooo painful I went to A&E and they said it was broken and just strapped it to help me walk. no x-ray just poked it a nit and figured by the fall that I would have broken something. Was told to try and keep off it but had to limp around on it ish. It didn't take that long to heal (can't remember so can't have been that bad) and I have had no problem whatsoever since. Hope your ok

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