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Help in pain

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Slink Sun 03-Apr-05 16:59:18

Short version: I am ttc for ages (long story) anyway was due period 24th but was 5 days late did test on 5th day it was neg and later that day i came on. I normally get cramps when i am due on and was getting them but really bad after 5th day of being late. 7 days later still have stomach cramps sweats and feel sick stomach bloated and feel terrible and still bleeding really heavy (although not today so much). Normal period is 28 days for three days thats it. Can't get a drs appt till thursday any suggestions. I also get painful ovulation pains so think by old dates i should be now??????????/

Plea done

DelGirl Sun 03-Apr-05 17:04:18

Sorry you're in pain slink. If it was me, I'd call NHS direct or if it's really bad go to A & E. Don't want to be alarmist at all but i'd want to rule out an ectopic. Hope you feel better soon.

Slink Sun 03-Apr-05 17:07:38

Thought that but would i have a period??? thing is it is just me and dd today dh is away for work?

DelGirl Sun 03-Apr-05 17:09:45

I'm not sure about period tbh slink but I would've thought nhs direct would have an idea.

DelGirl Sun 03-Apr-05 17:13:04

just did a quick google and it seems you can have waht seems like a normal period. It's probably nothing to worry about but i'd still get it checked out just to be on the safe side

sorrel Sun 03-Apr-05 17:14:35

slink- have you had any treatment in ttc? like hormones ivf or anything?

Slink Sun 03-Apr-05 18:30:40

No nothing, just good ole sex.... i am going for a soak in the bath. Mil is back so she will look over dd.
Hope the bath eases it.

DelGirl Mon 04-Apr-05 08:34:43

how are you today Slink?

Slink Mon 04-Apr-05 08:54:25

WELL how embaressing i feel like a right twit all i neede was apoo and i feel great now and it was just one of those periods.

Thank you though for listening to me in my hour of sillyness.

god i love MN XXXX

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