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PND- is this a reasonable thing to ask from my doctor.

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spookycharlotte121 Mon 19-Jan-09 13:34:36

Have been diagnose with Pnd. Doctor has given me some time to decide if I want AD's or not and I have decided to go ahead with them as it is clear im just not coping at the moment. But... i have reservations. There are just going to treat my symptoms and not the cause.
I think I would benefit from counciling too... do you think the doctor would be willing to refer me for this. Or is it something I would need to sort out myself?

NewAmazingBeginning Mon 19-Jan-09 13:35:19

I agree. Mine don't touch the cause but they help a lot.

You can ask your GP for counselling. he can refer you.

TheButterflyEffect Mon 19-Jan-09 13:37:19

Message withdrawn

muppetgirl Mon 19-Jan-09 13:39:51

I think you're doing the best thing in the long term. Ad's do make you calmer and more able to cope day to day but they don;t tackle the causes as to why you're suffering with depression. Because of the additional therapy I had I am now able to look out for triggers that set me off, my husband and I have stategies as to how to cope and this is all due to learning more about me and sorting exisitng problems.

muppetgirl Mon 19-Jan-09 13:44:15

also agree with the waiting list. I had to wait for counselling and when I started it was only once every 2 weeks which wasn't effective and left me worse than when I started (think of opening the box or really awful things then saying, 'lovely, I'll see you in 2 weeks...)I was then referred for psychology sessions that I had 1:1 at my house each week. his I had for way over a year and 6 months after the birth of my second son.

spookycharlotte121 Mon 19-Jan-09 13:47:43

thanks for the advice. the 1:1 thing at the house would be a great thing for me. Its hard to get out with 2 little ones and I could have the appointments scheduled for when they have their long nap.

Did you find that counciling helped?

muppetgirl Mon 19-Jan-09 13:56:59

For me the councelling did help but the time between sessions was awful but I do know this is unusual. The surgery had just lost a councellor and she had a ridiculous client load (see, cbt really does work!) I was left with too many awful things whizzing round my head.
I do think it would be worth chatting to your gp about the range of options available to you. I was referred to the mental health team as they were quite concerned as I wasn't coping, couldn't even talk to anyone about it without crying and was on the verge of giving up work (which I later did) I was assessed byt a panal and then psychology was recommended.

NewAmazingBeginning Mon 19-Jan-09 14:47:54

Counselling has never helped me.

muppetgirl Mon 19-Jan-09 16:49:06

Have to say therapy is quite individual and what works for one may not work for another so just because one thing you try doesn't it doesn't mean that you aren't 'helpable' iyswim. I think that any type of therapy for this type of illness tends to make things a whole lot worse before they get better due to the fact you are investigating previous hurts or upsets, challenging your thoughts or your behaviours and making you take a good hard look at yourself but you may come out a much stronger person for it.

plj Mon 19-Jan-09 17:07:03

I spoke to my HV who arranged for someone from Community Health to come out and see me. I only waited a few weeks for my first appointment. She was great and I see her eevry 2nd week to talk. She comes to the house. I feel miles better than I did 6 months ago and am still seeing her, but just not as regularly.

spookycharlotte121 Mon 19-Jan-09 17:09:23

i saw the doc and he has put me on ad's he said he wanted to let those begin to work before any counciling was introduced as it would help me cope better with the feelings i will experiance.

VinegarTits Mon 19-Jan-09 17:25:02

I was referred for councelling for PNA and the be honest i waited so long for the appointment(3 months), that by the time it came round i was feeling much better and it didnt help me at all, it would have helped me imensely in the beginning though

The thing with PND is, it is not likely to be long term, therefore by the time your appointment comes along you may already be half way on the road to feeling yourself again

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