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I'm supposed to be starting a new job today but I feel so ill, should I go?

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cheeset Mon 19-Jan-09 06:45:29

I've had a cold, sore throat all of last week. I rarely get ill but had coped really well with it. To be honest, the only really uncomfortable thing was a really sore face from blowing my nose so often.

They offered me the job on Friday afternoon but over the weekend, I have taken a turn for the worse. My body is aching, my head feels like it's going to explode(bad headache) green mucas and I feel weak. I got up yesterday at 11am and climbed back into bed at 1pm after making the lunch. This is the first time I've got up and I'm only up to iron the uniforms and DH clothes for today.

I will be working in a school, what would you do, would you go?

petrovia Mon 19-Jan-09 06:50:39

No, it sounds like you're far too poorly. it happens, it's not your fault - tell them what you've told us and you've plenty of time to prove you're not a skiver in future!

cheeset Mon 19-Jan-09 06:54:58

Thanks, I hate letting people down and especially when they don't know you. I went in for a trial/interview with the children on Friday and spent most to the time blowing my nose, I know this is gross but I had damp hands from snot after doing so! I don't want to pass it on and I know they'd get it after picking up their pencils etc...

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