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DS Throwing Up

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gscrym Sun 03-Apr-05 08:58:35

My ds has been throwing up all night. He seems okay one minute and then he gets a bit upset and is sick. Nothing seems to stay down. We've tried diluted fruit juice, water but no milk. He hasn't had any since yesterday. He's also got diahorrea. I need suggestions about how to keep him hydrated. He's taking sips of water but that's about it. I suggested a little breakfast and he threw up. Was toying with the idea of calling NHS 24 but the last time called them, they told me to pin him down and force him to take calpol.

On a lighter note, after the second barf I said to him 'if you want to be sick, lets go to the big toilet. He shook his dad, shouted 'quick quick and threw up in the toilet. If only potty training was so easy.

LIZS Sun 03-Apr-05 09:08:06

Has he got a temperature ? If not wouldn't worry about the Calpol or you could try paracetamol in suppository form if he needs to take something and can't. Dioralyte rehydration sachets are more effective than water alone - a sip or teaspoon only at a time - or flat Coke !

Mud Sun 03-Apr-05 09:13:01

all he needs to do is take sips of water

it sounds like a pretty vile bug to me - if he's still weeing and his lips aren't dry then he's not dehydrated so tyr to just live through this

hope it gets better

gscrym Sun 03-Apr-05 09:15:36

Thanks, his lips seem fine and he's swtill weeing. I'm hoping that's the sicky bit done with cause I'm nightshift tonight and tomorrow and a little snoozle would be nice. He's having a couple of spoonfuls of weetabix just now so if that stays down, I'll be happy.

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