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whats wrong with my DD bum, and is this why she cant sit up

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tiffini Sat 02-Apr-05 12:55:27

I have twin Daughters now 16 months, when they were 6 months Doctors discovered twin 1 had a dislocated hip, ( born with ) and she was put into a hip spica for 3 long months.

Twin 2 was also x rayed and was found to be ok, however from birth i have noticed that her bum crack is not central, it goes of to her left towards the top. i was'nt too concerned about this at first, thought it was just her shape.

i was told that because twin one was in plaster, she would be lagging behind her sister with regards to crawling walking and sitting up.

When twin 1 came out of plaster neither of them were doing any of these things, and sure enough ywin 2 was the first to crawl a month later.

A week or so later twin 1 could sit up by herself, it was only then that i got concerned that twin 2 could not sit up, yet she could crawl (11 months by this time)

My HV told me it was nothing to worry about as her back must be strong enough for her to be able to crawl.

Within month twin 1 began to crawl and stand up againsed the furniture, and shortly after that so did twin 2.

Twin 2 learned to sit another way, by sitting on her shins, whenever i tried to sit her in the correcy position she would always always fall to her left.

so now they are 16 months twin 1 is fine and almost walking, and twin 2 can crawl (very fast) stand up and walk around furniture, and has even attempted a few steps.

however she can only sit for 30 seconds in the correct position before she falls to her left.

As for her bum crack not being central, the HV said she fas never come across it before and has referred her to a peadiatrician, but will take upto 6 weeks for appointment to come through.

She has been x rayed again, and results have come back as normal.

just wondered if anyone has experienced this or something like it.

PS her spine has not been Xrayed, but all seemed ok with the physical examination.

tiffini Sat 02-Apr-05 13:27:45


Pinotmum Sat 02-Apr-05 15:09:30

Tiffini, I'm sorry I don't have any answers for you but some weekends are quiet so perhaps bump this up early next week and see if anyone has any suggestions

Tipex Sat 02-Apr-05 19:49:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tigi Sat 02-Apr-05 20:32:41

my ds had a pronounced wonky crack when he was born! He is 5 now. I'd forgotten about it until I read this thread,I mentioned it to my health visitor at the time but can't recall any further discussion about it, and certainly no referral made. he sat, crawled , and walked at normal time. At the time I think I thought it was how he lay inside me. He is in bed now. Tommorrow I will make a point of having a look at his rear view (very skinny now- not many dimples and creases evident!)

tigi Sun 03-Apr-05 19:18:46

have checked, and is symetrical now!

tiffini Sun 03-Apr-05 21:48:17

oh good, at least her bum is probably nothing to worry about, just have to figure out why she is'nt sitting proper.

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