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Recommendations for sun block for baby

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Gem13 Wed 26-Mar-03 22:10:43

I'm after a high factor sunblock for my DS but don't want one of those ones which will leave him looking like he's been in a fight with white paint!

He was born last summer so this is the first year I've had to buy it.

Has anyone got any recommendations please?


breeze Wed 26-Mar-03 22:33:29

Avon do a factor 50. Look out for the deals 3 for £10. I have always used this on my DS since he was 1.

dkdad Wed 26-Mar-03 22:39:01

We just took our 6 month old to Thailand where we used Nivea factor 50 on him with no problems (although he did look a little like a ghost when first applied).

However, rather than cover him in the stuff, we bought sunblock clothes and hat from Australia for him from . Can't praise these people enough - order arrived within a few days to us in Denmark, great value because of the weakness of the aussie dollar and they kept every ray of the very strong Thai sun off him. Excellent!

Gem13 Thu 27-Mar-03 08:05:57

Thanks for that. Where do I get Avon products from without a local Avon lady?

The clothes look good although without a summer holiday planned yet, might be a bit extreme for the local park in the current sunny weather Hopefully we will be off somewhere hot (Thailand would be great) and then they would be really useful. Did your DS wear the clothes when not by the sea as on first glance they look like beach/swim wear?

Podmog Thu 27-Mar-03 08:11:49

Message withdrawn

breeze Thu 27-Mar-03 08:37:07

You can either call 0845 3458444 and ask for our local lady.

Order you can co to and can order online.
I am an Avon Lady and if you have no joy, ask tech to forward you email address and I will send you some.

breeze Thu 27-Mar-03 08:46:30

Sorry to ask your local rep

Batters Thu 27-Mar-03 09:34:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ghosty Thu 27-Mar-03 09:41:41

The NZ sun is vicious and I am totally up on sunblock for my little boy's lilywhite skin! Banana Boat was the first stuff I used and it was useless ... he got burnt and when he rubbed his hands in his eyes they swelled up and went all red and sore.
Ambre Solaire Kids (the spray), although expensive was excellent ... no white residue and did the trick ... a little too sticky though.
My favourite at the moment is Nivea Sun Children's Sunblock lotion ... goes on really nicely and seems to moisturise as well ...

eidsvold Thu 27-Mar-03 12:45:57

Gem13 like you ds my dd was born last summer and we are off to Aus in a week. I got dd some factor 60 - it is Ambre Solaire - will let you know how that goes.

If you want some other helps - we just purchased some sunglasses and matching hat for dd. Babybanz - both designed and made in Australia and have the support of the various cancer councils and other associations in Australia. The glasses are available here but I ordered mine through an aussie website. The hats have a sun protection factor of 15+ and the glasses can't remember off the top of my head but they do 0 - 2 years and then 3 onwards. They are on an adjustable velcro strap and the hats too are wide brimmed and adjustable.

It worked out about 13 pounds to order the hat and glasses via the aussie website rather than 30 pounds here. Not sure about the p + p ( got them to deliver to my mum in Australia) but they were most helpful and do deliver worldwide.

Website -

SoupDragon Thu 27-Mar-03 13:08:36

The avon site is actually I've been desparate to get hold of their Skin So Soft stuff as it does genuinely keep mosquitos away!! I didn't realise you coud buy online.

Am very tempted to order from the site dkdad mentions as DS1 is outgrowing his current Boots version and it's too worn out to pass onto DS2.

Gem13 Thu 27-Mar-03 19:34:10

Thanks all for your advice. Fantastic weather today down in the south so maybe I should get DS the clothes recommended by dkdad!

Interesting to read about the sunglasses eidsvold. I seem to remember reading that babies shouldn't wear sunglasses because it was safer for them to screw up their eyes and protect them that way than let a % of the harmful rays through by wearing glasses. Yet another thing I'll have to rethink now I have DS.

eidsvold Thu 27-Mar-03 19:55:55

Gem I was suprised to read that about glasses. Perhaps it is different in Australia where the UV?sun is incredibly strong. If you go to the Babybanz website - there is information from optometrists regarding sun damage/effects on the eye. Interesting reading.

dkdad Thu 27-Mar-03 22:11:40

Gem13 - yes ds wore the clothes all day. We initially only bought one set but quickly realised that the sun in Thailand was so strong that even in the shade he would get burnt from reflected rays. So, luckily we found the same clothes available in Thailand and bought some more.

I have to say that they were one of the best things we've bought for him. One day we missed the sun block on the back of one of his hands - I can tell you that the sight of sun-reddened skin on a lily-white baby is enough to bring on extreme guilt pangs!

NQWWW Mon 31-Mar-03 13:21:42

I took my ds to Thailand for 2 weeks last year, in October when he was 20 months. We found the factor 50 too gloopy and more like what you'd put on to swim the channel, but found factor 35 was fine - probably as we found an excellent spot on the beach under the shade of a large tree, which we only ventured out from for occasional walks and frequent swims. I stopped putting any cream on his face above the middle of his cheeks after a couple of incidents of getting the cream in his eyes - it just took a rub with his creamed up and sandy hands to turn discomfort into agony.

He had a sun-proof hat, and I was pleased I'd gone for the floppy hat type rather than the peaked cap variety, as it gave more all-round shade on his face, ears and the back of his neck. And thankfully he agreed to keep it on almost all of the time (and of course we enforced it extra rigidly when venturing out from our tree). Not so with his sun-proof swimsuit which was very uncomfortable once it had got wet (usually as soon as we hit the beach) so he went naked except for the hat.

We had a great holiday, apart from him getting tonsilitis a few days before we left - not what you expect in your sundrenched beach paradise! No sunburn though.

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