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mambamum Fri 01-Apr-05 16:16:19

My ds is 16weeks and my hair has started falling out, I'm getting scared I'm going to lose the lot. My hair was very fine to begin with. Is there anything I can do apart from buying a wig?
I normally bleach my hair every 4 to 6 weeks should I stop, will it make it worse?

SoupDragon Fri 01-Apr-05 16:17:06

It's supposedly just the hair that you didn't lose whilst you were pregnant.

mummytosteven Fri 01-Apr-05 16:19:30

It is normal to lose hair up till around six months after your baby's birth. I don't think bleaching will make that much difference, as it's hair that you were going to lose anyway. If you are concerned always worth double checking iron/thyroid levels with GP, as sometimes an imbalance can cause hair loss as well.

tigi Fri 01-Apr-05 16:26:12

i lost loads arond my temples. If I lifted up the longer the top hair I could see scalp, I was really worried, but it grew back after a year very healthily- I first noticed new little spikes sticking up!

irishbird Fri 01-Apr-05 16:27:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

saadia Fri 01-Apr-05 16:32:37

Same here, I lost a shocking amount of hair after the birth of both sons - it was carpeting the floors - but it grew back, I'm sure yours will too.

mamadadawahwah Fri 01-Apr-05 21:20:18

I lost a crap load of hair after ds was born. I thought I had alopecia. Its perfectly normal. I now have my own hair growth back and now worries. Just comes with the territory. It dosent take long to grow back and If i were you (which I am not though) i wouldnt fiddle with it, just in case you mess up your already tuned in hormones.

mambamum Sat 02-Apr-05 11:53:59

Thanks everyone, I hope you're right and that it will stop and grow back. Think I'll try and delay the colouring for a while and get a trim to try and tidy up what little there is there. It's hard not to obsess about it though! If all else fails I'll get a comb over!

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