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My hip feels like its about to pop out

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jampots Fri 01-Apr-05 13:06:10

Having disclocated my hip from my back 12 years ago when pregnant, it then popped out again 7 years ago which was agony (both monetary and physically) it now feels like its about to pop out again. Obviously dont want it to so does anyone know what I can/should do to keep it in ? Its agony!

Papillon Fri 01-Apr-05 13:17:58

Perhaps helping your hips to more flexible and mobile might help... sitting with the soles of your feet touching and knees bent as close to the floor without straining might help abit. Putting your back to a wall is a good idea when doing this exercise.

Probably good to rub and warm the area first with some muscle cream and some activity

morningpaper Fri 01-Apr-05 13:23:42

Ring your local physiotherapy department - they should be able to check it out for you. I think they can give you a 'girdle' type thing that you can wear around your pelvic area to hold everything together. Mmmm sexy!

jampots Fri 01-Apr-05 15:46:18

just rung physio and they cant see me/help me without gp or a&e referral. It doesnt seem bad enough to visit a&e with though.

morningpaper Fri 01-Apr-05 15:58:55

How annoying - I can self-refer to my physio dept. Ring your GP? They might be able to sort you out with a phone call?

Chocol8 Fri 01-Apr-05 18:35:27

I have dislocated my hip several times and go straight to my chiropractor who is also does sports physio and he pops (!!!!) it back again.

It always hurts straight after but the next day it feels 100% better, and all it costs me is £22! Well worth it. Good luck Jampots.

jampots Fri 01-Apr-05 22:06:31

£22????!!!!! Last time it popped out -(7 years ago) i paid £80!!!!! to fix it

Chocol8 Fri 01-Apr-05 22:13:46

Was that £80 for one visit or several visits? Sometimes I do need more than one, but generally he manages it first time. He's brilliant - i've been using him for years. Are you anywhere near Bedfordshire? If so, i'll CAT you his number.

jampots Fri 01-Apr-05 22:15:02

that was 1 visit chocolate. Im in Solihull so used our local sports injury guy. First time it happened I was pregnant and hte maternity hosp physio tugged it back in. Its the joint where my hip joins my back that i have trouble with

Chocol8 Sat 02-Apr-05 10:32:45

Ooh, yes - I remember the pain very clearly. Infact I have to go back to my guy again soon as it is even painful to bend over and I should know not to wait as the pain just gets worse, not better.

Wow, that was expensive for one visit! You wouldn't want to go back for a second one would you?!!! Blimey, I think it would be cheaper to get the train down here and have an appt with my guy!

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