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Does anyone use Power Plate?

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mosschops30 Wed 14-Jan-09 13:44:35

They have a knew one in my gym, I had a quick induction on it and I tried it today, thinking 'oh this isnt doing much'

fastforward 2 hours at home and I can barely walk up the stairs grin

Is it really this good at working your muscles or am I doing it wrong?

PuzzleRocks Wed 14-Jan-09 15:41:40

Bumping for you.

mosschops30 Wed 14-Jan-09 17:49:16

thank you smile
Do you use one puzzle?

sellorrenovate Wed 14-Jan-09 17:50:42

Also bumping as I think a place near me has opened a power plate focused gym and I am curious.

squeaver Wed 14-Jan-09 17:51:20

Don't use but know of a few people who've had the same experience as you. I think it means it's working.

TheOtherMaryPoppinsDiets Wed 14-Jan-09 17:55:16

They are great machines! It only took two weeks of use on the one at my gym to notice a definite reduction in the cellulite on my arse and treetrunks thighs. Also my niggling for years back pain went overnight after the first use.

I'd love to know if anyone has bought one for home use and if they are as effective as a gym one

verylapsedrunner Fri 30-Jan-09 17:27:21

Went to my first Power Plate class today....I'll report back on how I feel in the morning grin

wannabe10 Sat 31-Jan-09 20:18:53

I use one on a regular basis and have always been fine. Normal aches and pains from the gym.......

fleurlechaunte Fri 03-Apr-09 12:01:02

Bumping this because I used a similar machine last night and wanted to know the long term benefits from anyone who uses one regularly.

Also they have some vibration plate machines in Argos, are they any good?

elsiepiddock Sat 04-Apr-09 10:05:49

I have been using one at the gym for about 4 weeks.

I only do about 10 mins in total and I really ache the next day. I have noticed a big improvement in my arms and bum and cellulite.

QOD Sat 04-Apr-09 10:09:01

my mum has one, we love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Springfleurs Sun 05-Apr-09 17:12:41

QOD is it an industrial one like you would find in a commercial gym? Or a smaller, cheaper version? Wanting to know if they are anygood as there is no way on earth I could afford one the industrial ones.

QOD Mon 06-Apr-09 08:36:27

industrial gym one, daddy bought it on ebay, it does work, but the effort of going to their gym (at the end of their garden above the garage) means I rarely use it now blush

Clure Mon 06-Apr-09 08:45:57

My freind uses one and swears its reduced cellulite. She says if you do squats on it, because its vibrating at such a high velocity (?) then it magnifies the exercise. I want one!

Springfleurs Mon 06-Apr-09 19:08:59

Me too, sadly far out of my reach though. However if MY mum had one I would never be off it. You should be ashamed of yourself QOD wink.

nikkid21 Mon 06-Apr-09 19:35:30

It's not great for weight loss as you need to raise your heart rate for that. However it's really good for toning up. I do a 20 min programme on them 3 times a week when I can't get to a body pump class.

I find that i'm better off using free weights for my arms and shoulders. However it's fab for the legs and bum. Squats - static and moving are good. As are lunges and try standing with your legs wide apart but on you tiptoes (slight bend at the knee) - that works your calf muscles.

It's also excellent for ab toning. I lay on the plate on my back with my legs hooked up on the handle bit and do crunches. If does look like you are humping the machine blush. You can also do a plank or side plank on there which is punishing.

There are lots of powerplate demos on you tube that can give you ideas of other exercises.

giraffesCantRunA10k Mon 06-Apr-09 23:07:21

they have these in my gym, right next to the bikes so I cycle away while staring in amazement as people stand/lye in strange positions on a giant vibrator!!

malteseirish Mon 26-Oct-09 22:20:30

I am a personal trainer and i train people and myself on these at work and have to say this is the only machine that actually does what it ways. I don't recommend it just for weight lose however as its results are mainly noticed for toning but used with cardio work outs it will give you results in half the time. It is not however for the faint hearted or weak let me tell you as the higher the pain threshold you have the quicker you will see results. After using it for the first time (with a trainer of course) you will be sore and achy the next day or 3 which is the proof it is working. This machine as my gym demonstrates should only ever be used with a trainer and it should cost no more than £10 a session or cheaper if you buy them in block sessions. I lost 2 inches off my waist in 8 sessions and that was without cardio work so i can swear to anyone it really does work. As alot of ppl also don't realize you may increase in weight on the scales but don't be alarmed that is just because of the increase in muscle tone which effectively weighs more than fat so go by measurments. My arms and legs were the first to change dramatically with more definition and strength and now no flab at all its amazing. I was very sceptical when i first decided to try this out as alot of my clients asked me about it so i thought i'll give it a go and to be honest i haven't been off it since, you will not get the same workout in the gym in 20 mins even if you worked to the core. Please if you find one in a gym near you give it a go whoever says it doesn't work is clearly doing it wrong and also note the plate you buy for your home are not nearly as strong as the ones you would use in the gym hence the £3000 price difference and please use this with a trainer as it shouldn't be offered to you without one . And for those who know nothing about it you don't just go and stand on a vibrating plate which alot of ppl seem to believe you actually have to do a little work but not nearly as much work or time as you would have to spend to get the same results without it using a gym but please do some cardio exercise aswell as this because not just for weight loss but for fitness and wellbeing aswell.
Hope this helps everyone

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