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Paranoid and anxious at night

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TwentiethCenturyHeffa Wed 14-Jan-09 08:39:18

I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, since it may be a mental health issue. DD is 6 months, and I've been feeling quite ill lately (viral bronchitis) as well as having an iron deficiency. My GP told me that the iron deficiency might be causing unusual tiredness and minor depression, both of which I have had problems with of late.

I've been having real problems with anxiety at night since DD was born to a certain extent but it's recently become much worse. Lately, I find myself lying awake for hours, terrified of any sounds I hear (although all are completely normal sounds around the house - boiler, cat etc). Some nights I've ended up sleeping on the floor of the bathroom, with the door locked and lights on because it's the only way I can sleep. Last night I was wandering around the house switching on all the lights and carrying a torch to check but still felt very nervous even once I'd proved to myself there was nothing there and ended up sitting awake in a bed with a torch pointing at the door hmm

I finally realised last night that this isn't entirely normal and wanted to ask if anyone has any experience of this or knows the best thing to do? I guess I should go to see my GP but I've been to see him quite a lot lately. I'm also being investigated for cyclical shoulder-tip pain and don't want to look like a hypochondriac.

PuzzleRocks Wed 14-Jan-09 12:58:56

Bumping for you.

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Wed 14-Jan-09 18:28:32

Anyone? I took the post-natal depression questionnaire earlier and it said 'depression likely' so I was wondering if that was causing it sad I'd like to talk about it with DH but (lovely as he is) he's already worried that if I'm not coping with the first one that we couldn't have any more children.

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