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Anyone had early menopause and used HRT?

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Goldfish Fri 01-Apr-05 10:01:54

I am 40 and I started the menopause at 38. Luckily I had had my children so that was not a problem. I have had tests to ensure nothing is wrong and everything is ok. The specialist told me the average age for the menopause is around 50 so he thinks I should take HRT up until the age of 50. I was a bit worried about the risks but he assure me the risk are small. Apparently the HRT will just replace hormones that a woman would normally have until she is 50. I was told I had a high risk of Oesteporosis or thinning of the bones because of early menopause and this would prevent this. Also I am having awful mood swings (i feel very sorry for my family ATM) and I feel exhausted. I just wondered if anyone else had taken HRT and noticed an improvement in their moods as I would like to stop feeling out of control and revert back to my normal, happy self.

emmatom Fri 01-Apr-05 22:41:10

After having a benign breast lump removed a few years ago, it's made me paranoid about breast cancer and there is some concern about HRT and breast cancer, so for that reason I wouldn't use it.
I have mood swings though and am going down the alternative (i hate that expression, makes you sound like a flat footed,vegan, mud hut dwelling, type and no offence to those who are!)route.
I've been on St Johns Wort which, apparently, is natures answer to Prozac without the complications. They say to take for 3 months before it kicks in and it could be the placebo effect, but hey who cares, it's working for me.
There are also natural alternatives to HRT, like Devils Claw or Cohash (I think). Just pop into Holland and Barrett or somewhere similar and they will advise. Could be worth a go at least.
You can also get supplements for Osteoporosis as well as upping your calcium intake.

velcrobott Fri 01-Apr-05 22:44:48

Hi Goldfish - we have another 2 pre-menopause sufferers...
Soapbox and Willow and myself (I was 36)...
I have not started HRT, am not sure if I will, am looking at South American herbs at the moment... yes the biggest risk (also from gynaecologist) is osteoporosis.... he wants me on HRT too.

I too have bad mood swings but other symptoms are not too bad at the moment...

Goldfish Sat 02-Apr-05 09:30:54

Thanks so much for your answers. I am in 2 minds about hrt. My doctor did tell me about uptaking my calcium intake which I try to do and I was told to exercise frequently to strengthen bone which I am afraid I don't do even though I intend to. The gynaeocologist has been on at me for 2 years now to go on hrt. I did mention natural remedies, he still thinks hrt is best but it is my choice. If I go on on hrt I will get periods again and I don't know if I want that. Ihave had one in a year and that was 6 months ago. But I am also paranoid about breast cancer as I know women who have it. I am supposed to phone the doctor Monday to talk it through and then try to make a decision, although like the gyneacologist said no decision is final. I can try something and then change my mind if i want to.

velcrobott Sat 02-Apr-05 10:14:58

I found this website helpful and we talked about all this here

JoolsToo Sat 02-Apr-05 10:21:21

Yes - menopaused at 36 was on HRT for over 10 years - although I had no menopausal symptons apart from the obvious.

I came off a couple of years ago after all the hoo-ha in the press but have recently changed my doctor and he's sending me for a bone scan (hurrah!) - not that anything is wrong just because of my early menopause. I wouldn't hesitate to go back on HRT if it was necessary.

I was on Kliofem which meant I had no monthly bleed


JoolsToo Sat 02-Apr-05 10:22:42

btw - my new doctor says that all the bad press was over-played - difficult to know what to believe these days!

velcrobott Sat 02-Apr-05 10:27:07

I am having a bone scan in France in 2 weeks - 50 euros or I can wait 9 months on the NHS.

Goldfish Sat 02-Apr-05 17:38:56

Thankyou Velcrobott, the link you posted was really helpful and thanks to everyone else who has posted. I thought I was alone as some of my friends are still having babies and can't believe it when I tell them I'm menopausal. Luckily I have my 2 children, they are now 10 and 11 and I definitely wasn't planning another one, but it still feels weird to have that option taken away. I am going to have a good read of that website velcrobott, it looks really interesting. I know I definitely get the moods swings and flushes. The weird thing is my Mum is still going through the menopause and she is 20 years older than me!

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