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Weariness isn't caused by lack of iron but of B12

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abraid Tue 13-Jan-09 17:43:10

I have had very heavy periods for a while. During my BUPA healthcheck today the very nice doctor pounced on my blood results and told me my weariness was caused not by iron deficiency but by a lack of B12.

He told me to buy sub-lingual B12 because more of it is absorbed this way.

I'm hoping this will help and am posting this message in case anyone else who suffers from tiredness caused by heavy periods wants their doctor to look more closely at their bloods. My GP surgery just told me my haem. levels were 'fine' and left it at that.

EldonAve Tue 13-Jan-09 17:46:24

They don't routinely check B12

Do you need to have B12 jabs?

Are you having any treatment for your heavy periods?

WowOoo Tue 13-Jan-09 17:48:58

Was told something similar by Neal's Yard practioner. Had B12 with other minerals to take and list of foods. Felt like new woman after 1 week.

abraid Tue 13-Jan-09 17:51:34

This was discovered via a BUPA healthcheck which my husband's company paid for: a bit of a perk really, for a freelance writer! I have been given in the past and sent for an ultrasound but actually nothing seems to work as well as agnus castus and milkthistle, to try and suppress the oestrogen a bit, and Nurofen during the bleeding to ease it a bit.

The doc. said to try the sub-lingual version of B12 and see how I went before trying jabs.

EldonAve Tue 13-Jan-09 18:41:39

if your B12 is low then you should also have further blood tests to check if there is another reason other than the periods eg if you are not absorbing it from food - did they do these?

abraid Tue 13-Jan-09 19:48:32

They didn't, EldonAve. That's interesting, thanks.

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