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Is a big lump one side of neck under the skin related to Chicken Pox

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Twiglett Thu 31-Mar-05 16:25:00

It looks like its on the tendon rather than where I would expect it to be glandular swelling - its about the size of a 5p piece and quite raised, though totally under the skin so no redness

Think DS got Chicken Pox this morning though not certain yet

tillykins Fri 01-Apr-05 16:40:54

How is he today Twiglett?

Twiglett Mon 04-Apr-05 11:24:37

He's got the chicken pox but he's more than fine - just looks a bit scabby

thanks for asking

hunkermunker Mon 04-Apr-05 11:26:42

Poor boy - saw the pic of him with the backpack btw and he looks adorable. And love the tale of him dragging it into bed with you and DH He sounds a little bit...sneaky...perhaps?

Hope he's better soon.

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