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Asthma, Eplielpsy and allergy to Diary

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nathollyandmatthew Thu 31-Mar-05 13:11:57

hi all im new here, not sure if thsi is the right board to post all these issues
My son matthew was born at 36 weeks in july 2004, he suffered a seizure at 8 weeks old and at 6 months was diagnosed with a mild form of epliepsy, after chrsitmas he got bronchilits and since then has had problems with his chest, so hes on inahlers and is always ill with a nasty cough, they say its very likely he has asthma but because hes still a baby its hard to actually diagnosis it, but hes chest is very bad and wheezy alot, he also has an allergy to diary products which we found out at the end of feb so hes on sma whsoy milk
hes now nearly 9 months old is constantly ill he was in hospital last week after having the vomiting bug and was very dehydrated,
would just like to know im not alone here
i also ahvea daughter holly whos nearly 3 and shes fine apart from froma few probs with her hips and feet

Dee01 Mon 11-Apr-05 21:33:05

hiya natalie,
Definatly not on your own. My 13 month old boy is just out of hospital where he was diagnosed with bronchitis with a tendency toward asthma. He is on steroids, antibio and inhalers.
Where do i begin, he's had a rough 6 months and it's mainly to do with his chest.
I breast fed him for the first 6 months then moved him on to Babynat an organic formula and now he is on cows milk. His chest problems started when i started him on formula.
He has been in hospital 3 times, bronchilitis, a vomiting bug and also really de-hydrated and just recently with bronchitis.
He hasn't been diagnosed as having a dairy allergy but it's something I'm beginning to question. What are the symtoms to look out for?
I still can't believe how ill he has been in his first year.
Hope your son is feeling better.

FIMAC1 Tue 12-Apr-05 06:59:12


I am so sorry to hear about your sons, mine two is allergic to dairy and displayed all the same symptoms as Dee01 before we took him off dairy (born 32 weeks). He has never had any chest probs since. Is it worth getting him allergy tested? He may be allergic to soy also? How did he get tested for the dairy allergy? We went to a Kneisologist - after dd was tested positive for dairy allergy (at the hospital, and Kneisologist)

Dee01 there is a sheeps milk formula from health food shops, sheeps milk is the closest think to human breast milk, also think there is a goats milk formula. Both of these should be tolerated better than cows.

and {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}} to you both

He is now 6 and very healthy (although still abit short for his age - don't know whether that it due to his prem or just like his Dad at the same age!)

Dee01 Mon 02-May-05 21:06:02

hiya fimac1 and natalie,
thanks for the info. My boy has been in hospital again. Chronic wheeze and very rapid deep breathing. I asked for him to be dairy tested but the doctor looked at me as though i were crazy. He is now on daily inhalers to prevent further attacks, although he has not yet been diagnosed with asthma.
I hate giving him the inhaler at such a young age..14 months. Any other avenues to look into?
Think I'll try him on the sheeps milk, I did hear he could react to soy aswell as dairy.
Other than that all is well in pregnancy world...13 weeks so far. hope you're keeping well

FIMAC1 Mon 02-May-05 23:42:18


So sorry to hear of your ds hospitalization - my ds chest probs really started when I stopped bf, and went onto formula - I was very stressed after his prem birth and 2 months of expressing did not help either - he never really had a strong suck after being discharged and so I resorted to the bottle. In retrospect this was prob the worst thing I could have done for him, hope your ds has some relief from coming off cows milk - I had the same reaction from Docs over allergies (more so in the UK) we had more response from the Medical Profession in the US where we lived for a while, who are much more open to allergies giving health side effects
It really looks as if it could be dairy if this is when his probs started?

hope he gets better soon

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