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Thrush.......will I need antibiotics??

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sticktoit Sun 11-Jan-09 11:49:26

I have had symptoms of thrush for about two weeks. Used canesten cream and the pessary which I had a slight reaction to. Went to the Dr who gave me an oral tablet and different cream, which eased it then had heavy AF so stopped using cream but thrush symptoms disappeared.

DP has been using the cream also (he's had no symptoms though).

Had vaginal swab taken which came back as a normal result.

Finished AF on Thursday. Had intercourse last night and it hurt and symptoms seem to have come back.

Not itching as much as before but quite sore and during intercourse, area seemed to go very dry (TMI sorry).

Not smelly or any nasty discharge just the soreness and slight itching inside and on the outside.

Should I start using the Dr prescribed cream again? Or should I go back to Dr?

popsycal Sun 11-Jan-09 12:00:24

you dont need antibiotics for thrush - you need antifungal cream -- you may need a dose of the one dose tablet thing if it is persistant

go back to docs

honestfriend Sun 11-Jan-09 15:24:41

It is possible that sex has reinfected you with thrush- your partner could carry it?

It sounds as if you are just dry and sore from the thrush- it will go in time, but perhaps you just need to not have sex for a week or two, to allow it all to settle down?

If your partern is carrying it he would need an oral tablet too, prob from drs- and cream.

There is loads of info on theweb about thrush and what to do and ot do- best have a read- you can do a lot of self-help things. Hope it settles down.

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