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2½ yr old quite sick after milk etc?

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welshbeauty Thu 31-Mar-05 12:13:02

Hi, I am so new to this board, have got some fab tips from you all but am now concerned about my son who has for the last few days been quite sick.

He always seems to be sick about 15 mins after having milk, this morning he was sick after having weetabix with milk and a yoghurt, then again about 45 mins later.

We stopped giving him milk for a couple of days and let him have some dry toast which he kept down, then a rich tea biscuit which also stayed in. Since then he has had a mini pizza which stayed in, so thought (big mistake!) that all was ok. But the weetabix and yoghurt seemed to start everything off again.

Went to see emergency nurse, told me that it was probably virul and he musn't have milk, but let him have food when he wants (didn't sound convincing).

I was wondering if anybody else has had this experience and pass on any helpful advice.

Thank you in advance of any help

LIZS Thu 31-Mar-05 12:23:51

Agree keep off the dairy and keep his diet quite bland for at least 24 hours if you feed him at all. Rice and carrot for example. Clear fluids only not milk. The risk is that if you persist with dairy it prolongs the virus and could develop into diarrhea (sp) even if he stops being sick.

Nathanmum Fri 01-Apr-05 02:50:52

Hi, my son had a stage of throwing up every morning for a week - all i did was keep him off that morning dairy for a while, but make sure he gets fluids (water or some of that Kids re-hydrating juice). He's doing great now, so good luck!

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