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Pre school boosters

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MaryP0p1 Wed 30-Mar-05 19:50:01

Any health experts or expats might be able to answer this question for.

DS is 3 and due his pre school booster on 6 June exactly 3 years after his MMR. Dr says he cant have it until 6 June. We are moving to Italy in April and are wondering what the schedule is in Italy and if its the same vacines. Any advice gratefully received.

PS Our neighbour is a nurse and we are thinking if all else fails to get the vacine and ask her to adminster. Is this an option?

Twiglett Wed 30-Mar-05 19:52:53

oo can I thread-crash? (sorry don't know the answer marypop)

could anyone please let me know what the UK schedule is?

DS had 4 x DTP primaries (+ men c and polio) as a baby (last at about 8 months) does he now need a pre-school booster (he's 4) or is he covered

am still umming and ahing about the MMR booster TBH

nnosam Wed 30-Mar-05 19:57:18

Twigglett......yep he still needs a MMR and DTP between 3 & 5 & then at 10-14yr they do a "Heaf Test" (dont know what this is) & BCG and then at 13-18 a low top up of DTP

Laylasmum Wed 30-Mar-05 19:59:59

Twiglett, the UK schedule is pre school booster of DTP,polio and MMR between ages 3.5 yrs and 5 yrs old. It is currently recommended that all kids have the boosters .HTH

PrettyCandles Wed 30-Mar-05 20:00:47

The Heaf test checks whether they are immune (or have been exposed to) TB, to see whether they need BCG.

I don't know what the schedule is in Italy, but I don't think that there is any problem postponing the MMR booster. I have done that with my ds, and my very good HV considered it to be a perfectly reasonable decision.

Aimsmum Wed 30-Mar-05 20:01:32

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Wed 30-Mar-05 20:03:45

thanks guys, I'm just confused cos most babies have a course of 3 primaries, not the 4 that DS had

I know he should have a booster for MM+R the umming is cos he had sepvax (only got the mumps in Jan) and now I'm not sure whether to give MMR as booster or pay for the sepvax

Twiglett Wed 30-Mar-05 20:05:20

Aimsmum .. sorry cross-posted .. have thought about immunity testing but have read that it isn't conclusive (they can pick up antibodies but not tell you if your child is immune) and it costs £190 (add in the £270 for 2nd round sepvax and the fact that DD hasn't started and it begins to hurt)

Aimsmum Wed 30-Mar-05 20:09:12

Message withdrawn

MaryP0p1 Wed 30-Mar-05 20:45:12

My problem is not delaying it but getting it done early so its over and done with. What with emergarting to a country where my language is only conversational and moving my family and home lock stock and barrel I don't fancy trying explaining to an Italian Dr he needs his pre school boosters. He also can't start nursery without them under the rules of the education system there.

chatee Wed 30-Mar-05 21:01:09

my dd has already started school last september age 4(late august birthday)and she will be having her pre-school booster next week, the reason being as a baby she was in plaster cast for dislocated hip and her baby immunisations were delayed-apparently it is reccomended to have a minimum of 3.3 years between last baby jab and pre-school booster, but better to have 3.6 year gap.
i'm dreading next tuesday...

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