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Thickening in throat after MRI scan, worried about Cancer, any advice?

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breeze Wed 30-Mar-05 12:44:28

My mum had her results back from her MRI scan, it showed a thickening in the throat, she has to have her one remaining tonsil taken out and a small piece of tongue also removed for testing, the hospital have put her on prioty and she is to have the op on NHS within the next 10 days.

Obviously we are all deeply concerned and when my mum asked if she had Cancer, they did not really offer any other alternative, I was not there, just going by what my mum told me.

My mum gave up smoking 5 years ago after 30 years smoking, and we are all worried sick.

Just wandered if anyone has been through something similar or knows if someone, just so I can give her a little hope.


late Wed 30-Mar-05 13:26:12

bumping in the hope someone who can respond sees this for you soon.

breeze Wed 30-Mar-05 16:11:22

Anyone, thanks late

cat82 Wed 30-Mar-05 16:51:13

bumping for you breeze, and thinking of you and your family xx

breeze Thu 31-Mar-05 06:55:59


cat82 Thu 31-Mar-05 10:25:07

Hope you're okay breeze, just bumping up for you again!

breeze Thu 31-Mar-05 16:11:51

Thanks cat82

breeze Sun 03-Apr-05 09:36:42


Tiggiwinkle Sun 03-Apr-05 11:21:10

Hi Breeze,
I am sure ther are many other possible causes of the thickening in you mums throat and the results will hopefully confirm that it is benign.
However, I just wanted to let you know that I have had cancer of the oesophagus (5 years ago). If your mums results do bring bad news,you must all try and stay positive. As my GP said to me at the time, cancer is no longer a death sentence. Keep in touch-I hope that the news is good, but if not I can tell you something about the treatments etc.
I know this time of waiting for results is possibly the worst time of all, so will be thinking of you-ask me anything you like, by the way.

breeze Mon 04-Apr-05 21:43:07

Thanks Tiggiwinkle,

hatsoff Mon 04-Apr-05 22:07:04

breeze - I have no idea if this is relevant. However my brother was told that he had thickening of the throat - in fact it was the oesephagus (sp?) working extra hard to repair damaged tissue that had been damaged by him having had un-diagnosed ceoliacs (sp?) disease. I have ^no idea^ if this is the same sort of "thickening" or what. the problem is that docs give us all simplictic explanations so we may well come to massivley wrong explanations, but it may be possible this rings some bells with your mum.

breeze Tue 05-Apr-05 07:41:04

Thats hatsoff, its good to hear a similar story without the C word, my mum is still waiting to hear

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