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After effects of flu

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Spacecadet1972 Sun 04-Jan-09 23:51:01

I was just wondering how long I can expect to feel well after flu?
fell ill with it first week of December and didnt actually start to feel that I was over the actual flu until just before christmas...I developed a nasty chest infection whilst I had flu and had 2 lots of anti biotics.
Now I feel run down,achey and dizzy and its making me feel quite low..anyone else felt like this after flu?sad

mosschops30 Sun 04-Jan-09 23:54:54

Im feeling your pain spacecadet and Ive only had it for just over a week.
Still have no energy, dont get dressed most days, lost my appetite, still so blocked that I cant sleep, still tempertaure up and down like a tarts knickers.

I think this one just lingers on, I know people who've had it 3-4 weeks

Hope you get better soon smile

evaangel Sun 04-Jan-09 23:55:06

hi spacecadet
I have thread on post viral illness
6 weeks ago i got flu type illness, read thread, good advice on there
hope you feel better soon

Spacecadet1972 Sun 04-Jan-09 23:59:28

mosschops it sucks doesnt it? I hope you are better poor mum has had it for 3 weeks shock
its completely ground me to an halt..Ive even found Mumsnet again! and its been so long I couldnt remember my login and had to re registerblush

eva..could I have a link to your thread?

evaangel Mon 05-Jan-09 00:02:28

hope it helps

Spacecadet1972 Mon 05-Jan-09 00:12:45

thanks for the link Eva..I did wonder if I had about a week and a half after I became ill..I started with terrible fatigue and struggled to open my eyes in the morning..thats eased but in the last month..I havent left the house..If I walk outside I feel wobbly and breathless and my hair has been falling out shock

BoffinMum Mon 05-Jan-09 00:16:37

I had very bad proper flu in 1990 as a very fit and healthy 20-something, and it lasted 6 weeks initially, with a further 6 weeks of feeling a bit under the weather and dizzy going up stairs, weepy, etc. I actually ended up in hospital with complications.

Since then I have only had flu-type viruses but the last one of those was in the summer and lasted 2 weeks, although my GP had a milder version and only took a day off work (he must have the constitution of a bloody ox). So I think it varies from person to person depending on your immunity. Two weeks off would seem a reasonable amount of time for a bad virus though.

Mosschops, sad to see the behaviour on your other thread, but if you are as bad as you say here, order the shoes on the internet FGS!! It doesn't sound like you are ready to go back.

evaangel Mon 05-Jan-09 00:17:15

Its awful, I have not been out of house apart from gp's for 3 weeks now, aching, dizziness, fatigue, sore throat.I have just had blood tests, waiting on results, tested for glandular fever
take a trip to gp
hope you feel better soon

Spacecadet1972 Mon 05-Jan-09 00:23:48

same here Eva..I have a constant sore throat and raised glandssad

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