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Noroviru or more sinister in 18 month old ?

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mousemole Fri 02-Jan-09 10:35:21

DS got a runny bum on Christmas Day and still has it now. Its accompanied by evil eggy burps and farts and he had been sick a couple of times. He has been sick a couple of times. Is this norovirus or should I take him to the docs ?

scrooged Fri 02-Jan-09 10:40:56

I'd give them a call first and check with them. He should be seen if he's had it for this long and you may have to take in a poo sample. Have you been giving him diaralite (sp?)?

mousemole Fri 02-Jan-09 14:28:55

hi scrooged, just got something similar from Boots. Been feeding him bananas and rice in attempt to block the flow !

HuwEdwards Fri 02-Jan-09 14:32:49

Do you know if he's been in touch with anyone who has norovirus, or has he been in a hospital? I'm pretty sure norovirus is contagious, so it could be one of the many many bugs going round at the mo.

Agree that you should give them a call.

Hope he's better soon.

mousemole Fri 02-Jan-09 14:39:13

Huw, the strange thing is that he hasn't, to my knowledge, been in contact with anyone with the virus. We have been at home pretty much the whole time since jsut before XMas, bar the odd walk,trip to Sainsburys etc. Its the eggy gas bit which concerns me. I tried to get a docs appt but we are in Scotland and all GPS shut today as its a bank holiday and I dont really want to go to A and E with it.

mousemole Fri 02-Jan-09 17:53:11

bumping this - anyone had experience of the eggy farts and burps ? ( Sorry TMI) !

scrooged Fri 02-Jan-09 17:59:47

he may not have the norovirus, there are other bugs that have similar symptoms so he really does need seeing by a doctor as soon as possible with a stool sample aswell if you have a suitable container that you can boil for a few minutes to sterilise it. Don't try and stem the flow, it needs to come out. I wouldn't take him out of the house or have visitors. Give everything a good clean if you can. 11 days is too long for the norovirus, don't be worried but it does sound like e-coli which is why you need to get him checked over. I may be wrong as there are other bugs he could have and I hope I am but this needs looking into.

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