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Diffrence between food poisoning and tummy bug

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sophy Wed 31-Dec-08 11:00:25

I think I've had Norovirus.

DH thinks it could be food poisoning (possibly from an oyster).

48 hours on still got tummy ache and feeling lethargic although vomiting and diarrhoea was severe but only lasted one night.

DH thinks I should go to doctor I think there's no point.

2 other family members were also affected but recovered fully within 24 hours.

Anyone care to offer advice?

DH is getting fed up of having to look after the dc, I am quite enjoying spedning days in bed on MN!

ABloke Wed 31-Dec-08 11:02:02

hmm sounds like you will feel better soon.

Milk it though, stay in bed today. All day.

themulledmanneredjanitor Wed 31-Dec-08 11:02:38

had food poisoning once. genuinely thought i was going to die. ha severe stomach cramps and was vomitting and had the runs every 15 minutes for a full week. had no controlover bowels and was shitting blood at one point.

sophy Wed 31-Dec-08 11:03:54

OK well by your description it's not food poisoning then.

lizziemun Wed 31-Dec-08 11:44:24

#it sound like the norovirus we had early dec.

24hrs of bad V & D then a few days of feeling ill and tired.

ninedragons Wed 31-Dec-08 11:55:35

After many years in Asia I am a bit of an expert on food poisoning grin. My mother is quite horrified by how casual I am about it.

The thing with food poisoning is that you (well, certainly I do) tend to feel a lot better as soon as it's out of your system.

With food poisoning (Jesus, I'm going to stray well into TMI territory here) by the time you're vomiting and pooing clear liquid you are pretty much over it and up on your feet within a few hours or a day at very most. Eat something salty and keep your fluids up.

sophy Wed 31-Dec-08 12:08:11

Interesting, 9dragons. DH who once acquired violent food poisoning in Thailand says you need drugs to make it better because there might be bacteria left in your gut. he is not as experienced as you though, obviously

I'm sticking with my theory that it's viral. As Lizziemun says I think it does tend to drag you down for a couple of days after.

But I have dragged myself out of bed and got dressed and am going to Bravely Soldier On.

ninedragons Wed 31-Dec-08 12:14:44

Nope, the human gut is fearsomely efficient and should expel all nasties. This is why you should never take anything to stop vomiting or the runs unless you have a meeting or a flight - the body does a great job of getting rid of everything when left to its own devices.

Would love to stay for longer and chat about having the shits but am in Sydney and have fireworks to watch in 45 minutes!

Happy New Year, hope you feel better in 2009!

sophy Wed 31-Dec-08 15:08:38

Happy New year to you too, and hope the fireworks were good!

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