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poo question (very sorry!!)

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swiperfox Sun 27-Mar-05 15:33:30

DD has just been to the toilet and it is the strangest looking poo I've ever seen in my life!! It's pink, and some other but not sure how much detail I should go into lol!!!
She hasn't eaten anything pink

swiperfox Sun 27-Mar-05 15:36:59

It looks maybe like I should be a bit worried... has anyone ever had anything like it?

turquoise Sun 27-Mar-05 15:38:15

Has she had beetroot? Or some highly coloured medicine?

swiperfox Sun 27-Mar-05 15:41:40

nope nothing coloured at all! There's other bits that are white-ish. It doesn't look very healthy at all!!

marj Sun 27-Mar-05 17:57:47

Is there a chance that she could have eaten something you werent aware of like a pink chalk or something like that as that can colour poo quite nicely!
Is she ok otherwise? What did she eat yesterday, was it anything red/pink as it may not be anything from today.

mummytosteven Sun 27-Mar-05 18:29:43

will sound like a daft question but any chance she could have eaten some loo roll??? my friends toddler ate some loo roll resulting in white poo!

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