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Temp of 39.8

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LadyOfWaffle Fri 26-Dec-08 17:51:58

I feel so so ill but don't know what to do, I have taken 2 paracetamol. I am freezing freezing cold aswell, will go to bed once DS1 does sad WHat could cause a temp like this? Last time it was an infection (2 days after DS) but he is 4 1//2 months old now.

Flihgtattendant Fri 26-Dec-08 17:55:23

Do you have any other symptoms?

Flihgtattendant Fri 26-Dec-08 17:56:20

Flu made my temp v high recently btw, but I had cough as well as temp.

Could also be a UTI?

VirginBoffinMum Fri 26-Dec-08 18:02:12

LadyofWaffle, don't know what your symptoms are generally, but if it's mainly a high temp, and you're not pg, can I venture to suggest alternating ibuprofen with paracetemol on a two hourly basis, and having a lukewarm bath, and then not overloading the bedding too much on yourself later. If that doesn't work then a phone call to NHS Direct might be useful if you're worried.

Get well soon! xx

MatNanPlusTINSEL Fri 26-Dec-08 18:05:14

if possible do 2 hourly alternate pain killers paracetamol and ibuprofen, don;t over dress, drink plenty of fluids.

pooka Fri 26-Dec-08 18:05:46


Do you have any specific aches and pains i.e. throat when swallowing/ears?

If not, then could be flu. We're all recovering, slowly, from it.

I had terrible back and neck ache, think was because was chilled to te bone and shivering so much.

Alternating nurofen/paracetamol might help - though I was told wrt to dosing children that guidelines have changed and to just stick with one or the other (I would choose ibuprofen in that case).

Hope you feel better soon.

LadyOfWaffle Fri 26-Dec-08 18:07:36

Only other symptoms are aches and pains. Can't take too much as breastfeeding. I just feel awful. THankyou for replying smile

Flihgtattendant Fri 26-Dec-08 18:09:42

Mastitis? Are your boobs ok?

LadyOfWaffle Fri 26-Dec-08 18:11:13

they are fine, been on the lookout since I started to feel rough.

VirginBoffinMum Fri 26-Dec-08 18:23:24

Pooka, NHS Direct told me this week to alternate paracetemol and ibuprofen for DS (7), so I am not sure the advice has changed very much.

Flihgtattendant Fri 26-Dec-08 18:24:36

If you're bfing, they do advise against too much ibu.
Paracetamol every 6 nours, ibu every 8, if you're not bfing or if you're feeling atrocious. Try to cut down the ibu after that though.

LadyOfWaffle Fri 26-Dec-08 18:29:23

Thanks. Ill get to bed soon.

pooka Fri 26-Dec-08 18:44:40

That's odd - because I rang on Monday night and was told not to! DD is 5 and has had flu and didn't seem to be getting much better (though is now, thankfully).

pooka Fri 26-Dec-08 18:45:07

(rang nhsdirect and spoke to nurse)

VirginBoffinMum Fri 26-Dec-08 18:47:36

Well DS2 had a temp of 40C, so perhaps there was a bit of urgency about it all. The advice I got was the same advice I have always got over the last 21 years as a mum - tepid bath, thin pjs, fluids, alternate medicines, etc. I think we're talking fine tuning here rather than Really Important Advice (which I would categorise as never giving aspirin to children, for example, because of Reyes Syndrome).

pooka Fri 26-Dec-08 20:48:46

Agree VBM - I have always alternated when temp v. high (dd and ds both went up to 40.5 last week, as a result of this flu). And when I said that to the NHS direct nurse, who advised against alternating, she said obviously have not done any harm in doing so.

We had windows ajar, cotton PJs, ice lollies and DRUGS like crazy here. wink

SquidgyBrain Sun 28-Dec-08 16:19:04

hi - my 2 year old was really unwell on the 24th - the advice I got was give paracetomol only as research has shown that alternating ibuprofen and paracetomol is no more effective than paracetomol alone for reducing temps (for pain relief it is)

but haven't read/saw this myself so this is just hear say from the GP

missingtheaction Sun 28-Dec-08 16:33:30

well, just to compliate things, read this

In plain english it says (i think)
Ibuprofen + Paracetamol should not be given together because
- it has not been properly tested
- and because of the dangers of getting it wrong and overdosing the child because it's a bit complicated

NB there is currently no evidence it is dangerous, it's just not been proven safe and there are no agreed instructions for doing it safely

Ibuprofen + paracetamol together clears fever for longest
Ibuprofen alone is next best
Paracetamol is last of the three options

Take your pick!

VirginBoffinMum Sun 28-Dec-08 16:36:18

Well, I think we can safely say that if you are capable of reading labels properly and keeping records of when you give medicines, then you are able to cope with the challenge of not giving your child liver failure or a stomach bleed through OD on over the counter medicines through your own stupidity.

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