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Arrgh damn thrush

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Blondilocks Thu 25-Dec-08 21:30:59

Was on antibiotics & now have thrush. Did the pessary the night before last & it didn't seem to do anything sad - well it looks less messy (sorry TMI) but is still red & sore.

Tried the external cream last night but that made it feel more stingy.

Now what should I do?

I have some live yoghurt - is it really ok to put that on a tampon or not advisable? Am rather nervous about it.

scorpio1 Thu 25-Dec-08 22:11:56

Yogurt is the best, really works. poor you.

katch Thu 25-Dec-08 22:14:38

Yogurt works for the discomfort, but I think to get rid you have to persevere with the pessaries/ cream.

scorpio1 Thu 25-Dec-08 22:15:47

the yogurt has natural bacteria in it that will fight it, too.

Wear cotton pants (not thong), no tight trousers/tights, no perfumed bath stuff, no soap washing down there.

DontCallMeSantaBaby Thu 25-Dec-08 22:36:21

Pessaries don't work straight off (for me at least) but clear it up within a couple/few days. The external cream always stings at first, but then settles down, although I'm not sure it really does much. Bath with tea tree oil in is very soothing, not too hot.

jalopy Fri 26-Dec-08 11:05:12

If you've been consuming lots of sugary food, chocs or wine, this wont help clear up the thrush.

cornsilk Fri 26-Dec-08 11:07:17

I know you're not meant to but I do the pessary and a tablet to shift it. Still takes a few days. Take strong painkillers for the discomfort. Fruit also aggravates it.

wilkosroastingonanopenfire Fri 26-Dec-08 11:18:31

dip a tampon in probiotic yoghurt before bed, take it out in morning. i found more than one pessary just made the whole area really sore so i wouldnt do another one personally. if you can get hold of another tablet take one tho.

poor you sad wish you better

honestfriend Fri 26-Dec-08 11:39:27

Oral tablet- Canestan or Diflucan- better than pessary- you might have to take 2, a week or so apart.

Meanwhile- showers not baths, no bubble bath, shower gels etc- just water- cotton pants, no tight trousers or tights etc etc.

FrannyandZooey Fri 26-Dec-08 11:48:47

stop eating sugary food and take probiotics (capsule ones)

Blondilocks Fri 26-Dec-08 12:36:14

Thanks for the advice. It was a bit better this morning - even better when DD & I went to the park as it was freezing outside which seemed to help! (Don't fancy staying outside the whole time until it's gone though!)

Have ditched the jeans in favour of long skirts & no tights. DP will get a shock when he sees me tmw (luckily he's very understanding over such matters).

I'm trying to eat as little sugar as possible & yeasty things & no wine so hopefully that will help.

Will pop to the chemist tomorrow if no better to get the tablet. Does it have nasty side effects? Last time the pessary worked first time so maybe I'm just being impatient.

I'm also hoping that having my period next week will help, although have read other things contrary to that

It's sooooo annoying!!!!

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