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For those of you that have had this 'flu in the last month (and I do mean the real 'flu....)

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NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Wed 24-Dec-08 09:45:36

Have you found that you've had the 'flu, had a couple of weeks of getting better but not back to 100%, and then to a certain extent it comes back?

I am very pregnant, so trying to work out if it is the same 'flu virus I have, or if this is something different to do with the pregnancy, or not.

And if you have found you've gone back down after a couple of weeks, how long does the second wind last?

DoubleBluff Wed 24-Dec-08 09:48:09

I had flu mid nov and have only felt ' myself' in the last week. Still have a chesty cough but have finally got my energy back.
It really lingers

Flihgtattendant Wed 24-Dec-08 09:49:34

Well, mine started nearly two weeks ago, and am only just getting any sort of semblance of energy back - still coughing a lot etc and feel so drained.

I can't say if it comes back though, yet - bloody hope not! Sorry you're feeling grotty, NJ xx

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Wed 24-Dec-08 10:03:38

Thanks, I am being induced the day after tomorrow, not sure how I am feeling about it, half of me want's him out and for it to be over with, the other half is scared I'll not be able to physically labour and it will end up in EMCS. I was trying to get an idea if this left over bit is the sort of thing that clears up quickly or not...

Oh well, what will be will be!

Hope you're both well enough for tomorrow grin

XmasPud Wed 24-Dec-08 10:13:42

It probably varies from person to person tbh. Being heavily pregnant is going to make you feel tired and lacking in energy which could complicate it all too. Hard to know whether it is your pregnancy or the virus making you feel exhausted.

The hospital staff will assess you on Boxing Day and will make a judgement so don’t worry They will be able to tell if it is worth leaving a day or two to give your body extra recovery time or that you are well enough to "get on with it". Unless you are really ill, I imagine they will go ahead though. My sister’s induction was delayed by a day and put on mega antibiotics to clear up an evil virus thing. Even though she was ropey the following day, they went ahead and all was fine. She found the energy from somewhere "else" and got through labour fine. Her baby was well and so was she. My BIL used to tell the wonderful story of how he could never guess if a contraction or a big sneeze was on it’s way as she pulled a face just before. On one of the times she was handed yet another tissue she yelled "oh for God sakes, I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER BLOODY TISSUE, F**K OFF!" only it was the rather gorgeous young doctor, not her DH passing the tissue grin If you knew my sweet, non swearing, rather posh and polite sister, you would know how funny it is

Have a wonderful Christmas, hope you are feeling better soon. Good Luck for the big event x

Flihgtattendant Wed 24-Dec-08 10:25:27

that is hysterical, Xmaspud grin

NJ - wow, I didn;t realise your time was so near. I am so excited for you - Christmas baby!!! I only ever had summer babies, been there, done that...dull! I want one I can wrap up in little snow suits!

I really hope it all goes well, pet. You'll find your reserves when you need them x

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