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Staph throat infection

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poinsettydog Tue 23-Dec-08 15:53:55

Do you have to get a staph throat infection treated with a prescribed medicine or will it go away by itself?

Does anyone know?

poinsettydog Tue 23-Dec-08 16:06:51


rubyslippersisappearinginpanto Tue 23-Dec-08 16:07:35

ABs i think

wish you better

poinsettydog Tue 23-Dec-08 16:11:53

uh. thanks ruby. Just want it to go

rubyslippersisappearinginpanto Tue 23-Dec-08 16:12:51

you also need copious amounts of hot toddies and trash mags - these aid recovery wink

poinsettydog Tue 23-Dec-08 16:19:37

yes, the whisky is a-whispering to me

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