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does anyone know if Swansea is a good place for prostrate op?

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Cathpot Sun 21-Dec-08 19:49:52

Hello. My dad has recently been diagnosed with prostrate cancer and has just made the decision to have surgery to remove it. They have been told they are being referred to Swansea.

I keep being told that who does the op is very important in terms of outcome, but am having more trouble finding recommendations for surgical centres. My dad's GP who has a urology background, has said they need to go to a busy centre as they will be very practiced in the procedure, and mum and dad are presuming Swansea is busy as it is the centre for Wales.

All of us are floundering a bit really and I would appreciate any input, thanks.

Cathpot Sun 21-Dec-08 19:54:21

Just realised I cant even spell prostate, not a good start..

themoon66 Sun 21-Dec-08 20:00:11

My dad had the op a good few years ago, but in Leeds. He had it done using an epidural spinal block instead of being put to sleep. It meant he got over it a lot quicker. You could ask if that is an option in Cardiff.

Cathpot Sun 21-Dec-08 20:50:33

Thanks will do. Is it Cardiif then? My mum said Swansea. I'll have to check again with her.

cmotdibbler Sun 21-Dec-08 21:35:27

Bristol (Southmead) offer prostatectomy using the Da Vinci robot, which is seriously state of the art surgery.
If he was able to get referred for that, I'd really recommend it.

The questions to ask are : would the surgery be open or laprascopic ? How many prostatectomies for prostate cancer has the person who will operate on me carried out, and how many in the last year (you really want more than 20 per year), what is the incidence of medium/long term incontinence and impotence in YOUR patients (this is important as some people will quote data from the published literature, not their own experience), and what is the biochemical disease free survival rate at 5 and 10 years for men with my stage of prostate cancer (he should have a T stage, a Gleason score, and a PSA level, and its worth writing this down as it will help him to research what it should be).

ChirpyGrinch Sun 21-Dec-08 21:41:56

There are 2 hospitals in Swansea, Singleton (which is a University Hospital) and Morriston, so I suppose it depends which one they mean.
Not that I know much about either one, but that may help a bit.

tots2ten Sun 21-Dec-08 21:49:11

Singleton hospital, have a fantastic unit. A friend of my dh had prostate cancer and was treated at Singleton, that was nearly 10 years ago.

Cathpot Mon 22-Dec-08 18:27:42

Thank you all, will copy and send that to mum cmdibbler, very helpful

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