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The flu bug thing did your family vary in symptoms?

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MilaMae Sat 20-Dec-08 18:23:06

I've got it but dp and ds had sickness in the middle,the other 2 dc didn't. Obviously I want the non sick version grin

stressedsanta Sat 20-Dec-08 18:29:47

yes the older two kids had sickness but little one didnt ??
am glad though
ive had my puke quota filled for another year

twinsetiscrapatflouncing Sat 20-Dec-08 18:30:23

dd was sick with it, dp and I were not.

tattycoram Sat 20-Dec-08 18:30:52

yes, ds was sick, I wasn't, dh escaped unscathed

harpsiheraldangelssing Sat 20-Dec-08 18:31:45

yes, dd2 had sickness, rest of us didn't.
dd1 had it very mildly, just a bit of a sore throat and temperature.
What I want to know is, how long does it last?

Threadworrm Sat 20-Dec-08 18:33:04

At the moment DS's is really bad headcold plus general weakness and mine is horrible weakness and aches and pains but no headcold. We've not had sickness thank god.

twinsetiscrapatflouncing Sat 20-Dec-08 18:33:12

I was very ill from last Friday until about tuesday.

Since then I still have the cough and am very very tired. Have had another day today under the duvet.

TinselCoveredWILKIE Sat 20-Dec-08 18:34:19

DS ill with high temp one day
DH ill with shivers/high temp/aching/cough
Me full of face cold and lethargy

Thank god we avoided the puking!

I think they are two separate bugs though - one is flu and the other is norovirus

christmasiana Sat 20-Dec-08 18:35:52

dd has sickness and temperature and tiredness

dh has bad throat, bad headaches, sniffles, coughs

me... so far escaped owing to pg wonder-immunity

MilaMae Sat 20-Dec-08 18:38:07

Dp has had it for 2 weeks sad but I think it might be the manflu version iykwim,I'm still getting a blow by blow account of his symptoms- I'm dying to scream don't care,don't care,don't care!!!!!!!!!!!

christmasiana Sat 20-Dec-08 18:39:43

milamae this is for you - and everyone else with a DP with man flu

MilaMae Sat 20-Dec-08 18:40:57

Oh Tinsel really, the only thing keeping me going is that we should be finished by Christmas,if it's 2 I'm not so sure. If we handwash bigtime what are the chances of escaping the Noro one if it's already in the family?

Will dash out for a vat of antibac handwash if it helps grin

MilaMae Sat 20-Dec-08 18:46:33

grin grin grin

Christmania that WAS my dp!!!!!!!

stressedsanta Sat 20-Dec-08 18:50:21

about a week here
me and dh havent had it yet so just waiting now
its the pitts

cmotdibbler Sat 20-Dec-08 20:20:50

I've had a cough, temp and bad throat - since Monday.

DS has snotorama, temp at night (a bit in the day, but controllable), and a bit of a viral rash/very dry skin

DH has a bad throat, cough, rash, diarheaa, and a severe case of man flu - behaving just like MillaMaes DH with the blow by blow discussion of his symptoms.

After a day with a not-really-poorly-but-under-par velcro toddler and DH, I am ready to hit the bottle. If I wasn't so dosed up myself

arionater Sun 21-Dec-08 20:17:00

Being very sick is common with a high temperature - that was definitely why I was very sick with this flu, I don't think it was norovirus; as soon as I saw what my temperature was (102) I crawled out of bed to fetch a bowl! The GP had to come out to see me at home as I couldn't bring the temperature down because of the vomiting - every time I took anything to combat the fever I threw up. Very nasty. Was very ill for 3 or 4 days, very feeble for several more, a heavy cold for a good week after that, and still coughing over two weeks later. My boyfriend had the same thing (caught it from him!) but less badly - not such a fever and no sickness. He's been pretty wiped out by it too though, and is also still coughing. It's a really vicious bug this year.

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