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Anybody's ds had undescended testicles? Please check your ds's!

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Laura032004 Thu 24-Mar-05 20:25:42

DS (11m) has got two undescended testicles. We're just waiting for an appt with a consultant to schedule an op date. They're only just outside the scrotum, so apparently it should be quite easy to move them into place, and fix them there.

Has anybody else had experience of this, and what the op / after effects entail?

Please check your sons! I didn't actually notice that they weren't in place. They were there at the 6 wk check, and can be seen in early photos, but moved out at some point. . I've no experience of little boys, so I'm quite ashamed to say that I didn't notice until the HV pointed it out when I was getting him weighed (thank god she noticed!)


happymerryberries Thu 24-Mar-05 20:27:06

Just to put minds at rest. Dh suffered this as a babe. Had the op. All now working fine!

frogs Thu 24-Mar-05 20:50:36

Ds had this as a baby (just one testicle, though). His was right up in the abdomen, and he had an op at 16months, which is apparently the optimal age for it to be done.

The op itself was fine -- two minuscule incisions, one in abdomen one in scrotum, which are not visitble 5 years later. Not much post-op discomfort either -- keep the nappy lose and keep giving calpol/nurofen.

Apparently there is a statistically higher risk of testicular cancer as an adult -- I was told to make sure ds knew he'd had it done, and get dh to show him how to check his testicles from adolescence onwards.


happymerryberries Thu 24-Mar-05 20:53:58

And just to put peoples minds at risk about the testicular cancer thing. It happened to dh! (his parts are the talk of MN today!) Because he knew about the risk he checked himself regularly, caught it early. Had one removed. the other works just fine and we have two dks both concieved naturally.

Every man should check his bits! Testicular cancer has the highest survival rate of any cancer

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