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ds1 sent home after vomiting at school

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Cod Thu 24-Mar-05 14:25:02

Message withdrawn

BubblesDeVere Thu 24-Mar-05 14:28:48

its been going round here for a while, when i had it it lasted about 3-4 days, but some of my friends kids have had it and it last 24 hours.

emmatmg Thu 24-Mar-05 14:34:56

Ds1 had it last week, fine all weekend, sick at school on monday so sent home and was running around like a loon later that day.

Been fine since then.

colditzmum Thu 24-Mar-05 14:51:36

mine had it 2 weeks ago, lasted 5 days. Starve it, I didn't and I made it worse

Cod Thu 24-Mar-05 14:52:12

Message withdrawn

Marina Thu 24-Mar-05 14:52:52

That's your Easter Weekend in jeopardy Cod, what rotten bad luck
But ds got over his in two days...fingers crossed.

Cod Thu 24-Mar-05 14:55:26

Message withdrawn

emmatmg Fri 25-Mar-05 07:11:51


Been awake since 3am with DS2 being sick.

Poor little chap just asked me, between retches, were all the sick comes from.

lailag Fri 25-Mar-05 07:40:42

dd started vomiting sunday evening so that is, uh, 4 1/2 days sofar...

Cod Fri 25-Mar-05 08:56:41

Message withdrawn

karenanne Fri 25-Mar-05 09:05:59

dd(5)started with this last sat night at midnight lol.was sick last on sunday night.sent her into school tuesday as she was fullof beans again only to have her come down with terrible diahorrea weds morning.they broke upfor easter yesterday so shes done one day at school this week.tummys still grotty and shes hardly eating anything.
ds(1)started being sick tuesday evening i starved him till weds evening ,gave him some chicken which he kept down then he had some water thurs morn and was sick again.he hasnt been sick since but is still unwell.
its exhausting dds running to the loo ,and ds wont move off my lap.
to all whos going to have a great easter -like me lol have fun!

emmatmg Fri 25-Mar-05 10:02:34

Dh ios taking Ds1+2 to see the Lion King on sunday so he has to be well by then.

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