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Suspected Whooping Cough!

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Preggars Thu 24-Mar-05 11:50:25

My little DS (who is 2) has just been diagnosed with suspected Whooping Cough. He has been coughing for months and I've been to the Doc three times to be told - kids get coughs and colds . He took a dip on Friday, with a temperature and was not himself all weekend. After a particularly rough night on Monday I took him to the Docs on Tues morning. She thought it could be Asthma. My gut feeling was no, but I picked up the inhalers and tried them out. He just got worse all day, then I decided that this was getting too scary and took him up the A&E. The Nurses in the Childrens A&E immediately took me seriously and saw him straight away. He had a shocking 40.5 temperature and they initially thought it could be pneumonia (which made me cry). After the Doctor thoroughly examined him (not impressed with my GP at all for not doing so) - he suspected Whooping cough. My DS was immunised, but apparently, its not always 100% sucessful. I am so annoyed at my GPs (saw three in the one practice so annoyed at all of them) for not taking me seriously or for taking the fever into consideration (apparently not likely to be Asthma with a fever according to A&E). I've never been one for being in and out of the Doctors, yet they dismissed me and talked down to both my husband and I each time we have been concerned about his cough in the last 2 months. When will Doctors understand that we know our own children and we know when things aren't right.

My DS is finally on his first lot of Antibiotics and Calpol for the Fever and Pain.

lockets Thu 24-Mar-05 11:55:21

Message withdrawn

Mothernature Thu 24-Mar-05 11:56:20

poor you...I hope for his sake it's not whooping cough. I looked after a baby with that, it's so scary...when she coughed she turned blue as she could not physically draw her breath I was constantly 'stripping her throat' of vile slimey mucus....she had it for six months, she was so tired and drained she could hardly move all she wanted was to be held, she was only diagnosed when a duty Dr {who was quiet advanced in years} recognised it for what it was, she soon had medicine to suit and the proper care she needed....I would not like any other child to go through something so terrible...

I hope your baby is better soon.

Preggars Thu 24-Mar-05 11:57:41

I assume that's what GP thought. He's just learning to speak and keeps telling me that his head and tummy are sore. Does break your heart.

Preggars Thu 24-Mar-05 12:01:48

So it can go on for months can it! I dread to think that he has been harboring this for that long. On a selfish note, I am expecting my 2nd in May and am so drained for not having a good nights sleep for ages. My lovely DH insisted that he slept with him last night, which was very hard for me to let go, if you know what I mean. I just want my healthy happy DS to be back on form. He was in such a fab routine before all this happened and Mum wants some rest before No.2 arrives. I have been carrying him around none stop, which is another 2 stone on top of the large bump I have.

essbee Thu 24-Mar-05 12:04:47

Message withdrawn

Preggars Thu 24-Mar-05 12:09:02

I am so proud of him. He was brilliant in the hospital and let them examine him and took all the medicine he was given.

lou33 Thu 24-Mar-05 12:20:04

dd1 had whooping cough when i was pg with ds1, so she would have been about 6. We took her to 5 doctors before she was diagnosed with it. She wasn't vaccinated on doctor's orders as a child, and i wasn't allowed to have it either, so was worried i could pass it onto my unborn son. The trouble is, whooping cough is not seen v often here nowadays, i was told, and that docs don't really know what to look out for. The one who finally recognised what she had, only did so because he had been working in a country where it was quite common.

Dd was ill from the summer until the new year unfortunately.

Preggars Thu 24-Mar-05 13:20:02

I'm really hoping the antibiotics he is now on will clear it up.

As I'm pregnant, is there a risk to unborn baby???

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