Anyone else not had any 'childhood' illnesses?

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tarantula Thu 24-Mar-05 11:42:10

Just out of curiosity Am I just a freak or has anyone never had mumps measles chickenpox etc. Ive never had any of them at all. Even when teaching I had almost a whole class off with Chicken Pox but I didnt get it. Just hope I dont get it as dd grows up ~gulp~ Better start praying shes the same as me

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swiperfox Thu 24-Mar-05 11:43:32

I never got any of them either - I only got chickenpox when I was 16 (not fun!) but never had anything else at all!!

lockets Thu 24-Mar-05 11:46:30

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Thu 24-Mar-05 11:50:17

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland Thu 24-Mar-05 11:55:28

Only chicken pox. The US has been using the triple jab since the 1960s. Unlike here, vaccination is mandatory to attend any state-funded school, and most fee-paying schools require them as well. So I never had measles, mumps, rubella, etc.

psychomum5 Thu 24-Mar-05 12:02:15

I never had chicken pox until I gave birth to DD3 (literally 1wk after giving birth, and after a vaccination to try n stop it)!!! That I caught from my two elder girls. I never got it from the children I nannied for, even tho I lived in and looked after them while they had it.
Never have had rubella either, but I have had measles and mumps.

katzguk Thu 24-Mar-05 12:04:10

it is possible to have chicken pox and not know. you can have just one or two spots and not suspect, so it is possible even if you think you've not had it to have, if that makes sense.


tarantula Thu 24-Mar-05 12:54:15

Well at least Im not the only one. Hope I am immuneto chicken pox as really dont fancy getting it.

the downside of being such a healthy child was that I didnt have any time off school at all from the age of 6 till I caught a really bad case of skivalitis when I was about 15 and mammy actually fell for it too (cant think why I didntdo it before that)

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MistressMary Thu 24-Mar-05 13:21:28

I had chickenpox when I was seven which was a little unpleasant and had Mumps, sat on a sofa watching telly and eating ice cream.
Nothing else.

Jimjams Thu 24-Mar-05 14:59:16

I've had measles and rubella - nothing else. No chickenpox, but after exposure when pregnant had immunity checked and was immune anyway. Most adults are. Passed that onto ds2 as well I think as he has been exposed numerous times without catching it!

suedonim Thu 24-Mar-05 15:55:52

My brother has only had German Measles. This was well before vax were introduced and with three siblings you'd have thought he would catch something. I remember him sitting on my bed when I had mumps, making me breath on him so he could catch it too and stay off school. Didn't work, though!

jackeroo Thu 24-Mar-05 16:24:46

i got chicken pox in my 20s which was a bit of a shock... never had any of the others fortunately...

Golfergal Tue 23-Apr-19 18:42:10

I thought I was a freak! Not a single childhood disease and I took care of my daughter when she had chickenpox. I am now 66 years old.

banskuwansku Wed 24-Apr-19 14:29:18

I had really mild chickenpox. Some spots and I didn't feel unwell. Same with my sister who got it at the same time. We only knew that it was chickenpox because most of my class were ill of it.

Nat6999 Thu 25-Apr-19 03:06:57

I got mumps when I was 20, I'd had everything else as a teenager. My mum didn't have chicken pox until she was 39, she caught them off me & my brother, my brother sailed through them, both me & my mum were very ill & covered from head to toe as well as internal ones.

Angelinabox Tue 25-Feb-20 13:03:31

Never had mumps measles chickenpox etc, but my children and grand kids all did worry about shingles though

Prokupatuscrakedatus Tue 25-Feb-20 18:43:51

As I am older, I actually had measles (six weeks to fully recover and luckily none of the possible dreadful damages), chicken pox (5 I think) and rubella.

On the other hand I was vaccinated against small pox when they still existed.

Loudie2 Thu 29-Oct-20 02:09:12

I’m 63, and I never had mumps, measles, or chickenpox... and when my younger half-sister had measles I was at her side, trying to get them next.

I tried, I really did. I took care of her, fed her, put her fork and spoon in my mouth after hers and I read to her, just stayed right there. It was a chance to stay home from school so I was in.

The doctor told my mom it was maybe because my normal body temp ran a little high (above 99), and maybe the germs just hot killed off before they could take hold? Whatever it was... I never got them, even when I was visiting friends and their little boy was feeling ignored and I had him on my lap reading his favorite book to him... then when he was called in to eat and how to bed, his mom came out to say she hoped we had all had chicken pox because when she had dressed him for bed he was covered, and had a mild fever.

Still, nothing. So whether I was consciously trying or just accidentally exposes, I couldn’t seem to catch a childhood disease. And I’ve been warned that these can be particularly dangerous for adults, more so the older you get.

Heatherjayne1972 Thu 29-Oct-20 10:39:03

My sister had chicken pox twice poor thing
My brother had measles even though he ( and the rest of us) was vaccinated
Back then measles jab was done as a baby and the ruebella jab was done at 13
We all had mumps tho

Lucky you op if you dodged them all

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