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anyone else with a dh with bipolar disorder?

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acnebride Wed 23-Mar-05 22:45:56

I know at least one other poster has...

Don't know why i'm putting this up, I guess I'm just feeling a bit alone tonight as my dh has had a bad depression for a couple of days, and has been crashing down every 2 weeks for months. He may lose his job. I do love him so much but it is hard sometimes. I would definitely rather have him and the disease than not have him, but I hate the depression and, like a kid, am jealous that he can just go to bed when he is ill. Daft I know, i wouldn't wish the depression he suffers on anyone. he just can't do early mornings - he gives me a lie in once a week, which i know is more than others on here get, but usually has to go to bed for the rest of the day afterwards. makes me feel really guilty but that lie in is all that keeps me going sometimes.

he has been dealing with this disease for almost 20 years and i really admire his acceptance of it - i guess it's early days for me as we've only been together 2 years. it just seems hard that he takes the most incredible cocktail of medication and yet still has really bad dips.

ok, that turned into a long one! thanks for reading, if you're still with me.

acnebride Wed 23-Mar-05 22:55:05

oh yes, and i'm v nervous about ds having a genetic likelihood of a major mental health problem

but hey, if a poster whose dh has something much worse wants to tell me to get a life, i guess that's reasonable.

talking to myself

bobbybob Wed 23-Mar-05 23:13:03

My BIL has bipolar disorder, and I worry about my ds's genetic inheritance too. Like you though, I wouldn't have considered not having dh's child.

When is your next lie in?

sansouci Wed 23-Mar-05 23:17:02

Acnebride, am with you but must go to bed soon. We can chat tomorrow, if you like. Briefly, my BIL has bipolar depression and is being treated... One of my BFs also has it & is on meds. She & her brother had inherited it from their father, who shot himself. Be prepared for a bumpy ride but it's an illness like any other & not their fault!

acnebride Wed 23-Mar-05 23:26:34

so true re not their fault. my posts v self-pitying i guess but it was a chance to spill out some of the 'me me me' stuff that i attempt to suppress otherwise...

thanks for posting - bedtime - hope to return soon

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