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Has anyone had their ears pinned back?

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juicychops Wed 23-Mar-05 22:13:56

my ears stick out (one more than the other) and lately it has really been gettin me down. does anyone know how much it would cost? I don't think i could grovel enough to get it done on the NHS. plus, i would probably be waiting for the next 10 years!!

binkybetsy Wed 23-Mar-05 23:20:03

Yes I had one ear done when I was 24. Went private through BUPA and paid 1200. My surgeon said it was 1500 for both ears. It tends to be a fixed cost and always go to your GP for a referral, as then you can be at least guaranteed a certain level of quackery free surgery!
Incidentally, the best money I ever spent! And I say that having lots of very nice shoes!!

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