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Night migraines

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PenelopePitstops Mon 15-Dec-08 12:53:16

Does anyone else get these?

I have been woken up 3 times in the last 2 weeks by a migraine. Obviusly i don't get the eye fuzziness, but the headache seems worse than ever. Nothing touches it and I have to try adn get back to sleep ad it ruins my day

PenelopePitstops Mon 15-Dec-08 13:46:45

bumping for any advice from anyone

onepieceofbrusselssprout Mon 15-Dec-08 13:48:49

I have migraines and they start day or night. If I am woken at night by one the worst thing for me is to try and go to sleep without taking anything. If I do that I wake up with severe, unrelenting pain.

I get up, take painkillers, (whatever you normally use) and if possible a sugary fizzy drink to speed the tablets into my syster.

PenelopePitstops Mon 15-Dec-08 13:50:53

thanks onepiece

i gat up and take somehting usually with a drink but the pain is so bad i sometimes feel like i cant move

i really need to see my gp i think

deckthegirlandboywithholly Mon 15-Dec-08 13:51:49

I get migraines, but they don't tend to start in the night.

I was given some advice recently, which seems to be working for me.

I dissolve 2 Aspro clear soluble aspirins and then hold the resulting fluid in my mouth for several minutes to allow the drug to pass through my cheeks and into my bloodstream. By the time I'm on my last mouthful, the migraine has nearly gone. If it's still there then I take an Imigran tablet and that seems to do the trick. However, on Saturday I only had to do the Aspro trick and it didn't develop into the full blown migraine. I will try it again next time.

Hope you feel better soon!

Countingthegreyhairs Mon 15-Dec-08 14:12:58

Penelope - are you sure they are migraines?

Just asking because I have very, very severe migraine-like headaches (the pain is excruciating behind one eye - can't bend - can't stand light - hurts if I just turn my head slightly) that are actually sinus headaches and even doctors find it very difficult to tell them apart.

I had tests and it turns out I have an allergy to dust mites so that explains why my headaches are worse first thing in the morning ....most dust mites inhabit beds/bed linen etc ... sinuses react to allergy and swell ... which leads to headache.

It's not the only trigger because my headaches happen just after my af every month (have you noticed a pattern?) but they are certainly worse if (a) I have a lie-in (not much of a problem nowadays thanks to dd grin) or (b) the bedroom heating is too high.

Diet can also be a facture - oranges/tangerines or citrus fruit in general can be triggers.

This may not be relevant to you but just thought I'd pass the info on in case it helps. Hope you manage to get them sorted ...

Countingthegreyhairs Mon 15-Dec-08 14:15:43 neur/hach/alert07312001.jsp

PenelopePitstops Mon 15-Dec-08 14:31:03

counting thats relly interesting thank you

the pain is the same as a migraine and i get the nausea (sp) but the excruciating pain behind one eye is the symptom i get and moving is awful. They have also only occured in the past few weeks, usually i get migraines in the day.

i have noticed my trigger tends to be dairy and tiredness but I have tried to avoid these as far as possible

Countingthegreyhairs Mon 15-Dec-08 14:50:07

Poor you, I really sympathise

I think if the nausea is present every time then it sounds like migraine - but obviously am not a doctor!!

Drinking lots of water can help and unfortunately for one's waistline, eating carbs before bed ...

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