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how do pacemakers work?

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misdee Wed 23-Mar-05 09:44:08

and how are they fitted?

wheresmyfroggy Wed 23-Mar-05 09:47:03

this might help

fastasleep Wed 23-Mar-05 09:47:13

Don't know very much! But they're fitted surgically, over the heart, I think they have wires running into a main artery. When fitted it will shock your heart back into action if it starts to stop or become irregular... like having a mini defib (those shock paddles) fitted in your chest.... not the best explanation there! Sorry! Someone will know more...

fastasleep Wed 23-Mar-05 09:47:31

Oops she beat me to it!

misdee Wed 23-Mar-05 09:49:31

is it placed outside with wires running in, or inside the body?

they are talking of fitting dh with a tempory pacemamker.

wheresmyfroggy Wed 23-Mar-05 09:50:08


fastasleep Wed 23-Mar-05 09:51:05

Ohh sorry I know you're a boy! Lol just so used to typing she

wheresmyfroggy Wed 23-Mar-05 09:51:37

fastasleep Wed 23-Mar-05 09:52:04

There are different types misdee the ones I've seen are under the skin but if it's temporary it could be external

misdee Wed 23-Mar-05 10:29:50

ok. guess we will know more after more monitoring.

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