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Feeling more hopeful re: lump.

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pixel Tue 22-Mar-05 19:16:57

I had another appointment today at the hospital and am feeling much more positive. Although I still have to have my breast lump removed (scared stiff)the doctors are fairly confident it isn't cancer so are only taking the actual lump, not an area around it. This means that I'm having an 'excision biopsy' rather than lumpectomy, which in turn means that it will be done in a day surgery. I'm relieved at not having to stay in for too long and also glad the doctor seemed more optimistic, although we won't be 100% sure what it is until it is out.
All I can do now is wait for my appointment which should be after easter.

Any more news from Anchovies and Mummylonglegs?

happymerryberries Tue 22-Mar-05 19:21:10

I know that it is a totaly different type of lump, but dh had a tumour of the testicle 10 years ago. The consultant took one feel, said, 'I bet that is cancer, we'll have that out' and was spot on. If the docs have told you they are 'fairly confident' you can bet your house they are being 100% honest with you,, and they are damn sure that it is benign. Obviously you'll need to full info from the biopsy but this is great news. So glad for you and keeping all my bits crossed for a good outcome

pixel Tue 22-Mar-05 20:07:42

Thanks so much HMB. I'm dreading the op but also looking forward to it so I can get it all over with, hopefully once and for all!

tigi Tue 22-Mar-05 20:12:09

I had one out years ago in day surgey and it was fine. A tip is to wear a good soft supportive bra afterwards, else gravity will make a wider scar!

pixel Tue 22-Mar-05 20:33:29

I'll be ok then. I'm ashamed to admit that ALL my bras are soft and comfy!

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