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Linzoid Sat 15-Mar-03 20:34:08

Last summer my ds now 4 was suffering from hayfever with a very bad reaction to his eyes. he also started slightly wheezing. The doc said he had asthma and gave us a preventer inhaler. After being referred to the hospital (they say he has a possiblr immune problem as he has low antibodies)i was told to not use the preventer and just a reliever. He has barely needed to use it but he has had a cough for the last 5 or 6 weeks although it didn't cause much problem for him. Anyway this week he got all snotty again and the cough worsened, he is coughing and coughing so have given him the inhaler. Is this really asthma or just a cold and when do i worry and see a doctor about the cough? My dh isn't here tonight and i am feeling really stressed with everything, help!

robinw Sat 15-Mar-03 21:45:20

message withdrawn

SofiaAmes Sun 16-Mar-03 12:21:07

Linzoid, I agree with everything robinw has said. I have asthma and as a child had a terrible time breathing with most colds. I also used to get hayfever with itchy swollen eyes in certain seasons. Although as a child I never got asthma attacks unless I had, or had just had a cold. As robinw suggested, the cold mixtures with antihistamine work really well. My mother used to give one to me as soon as I showed signs of a cold and she seemed to think that helped prevent the asthma attacks during and afterwards. Please book an appointment with your gp and discuss this with him/her so that the next time your ds gets a cold you will be prepared. I know how stressful it can be....good luck.

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