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Anyone help with Fibroid Removal....

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Alderney Tue 22-Mar-05 09:23:49

Sorry to repost, but just wondering if anyone had any experience opf fibroid removal...

I have to have a fibroid removed (some fibroids don't need to be removed, mine does because of the problems it causes me and the location).

Does anyone know how long I'll be incapacitated - I go to the gym 4-5 times a week (only way I can lose weight) and I don't want to miss too much of that. I also have 14 month old Pufflet and Mr Alderney is going to have to take some time off to look after her while I can't.

It will be removed under a general but I won't need an overnight stay in hospital.

Thanks loads

Marina Tue 22-Mar-05 09:25:43

A friend who had this done needed a bit of help around the house for about ten days, but she was not fit like you Alderney She made a quick recovery otherwise. From what you say of your surgery plans I think my friend's op was more complex as she was in overnight.
Good luck.

Alderney Tue 22-Mar-05 13:19:05

Thanks so much....!!

I was planning to ask Mr Alderney to take 5 days off - hopefully then by the end of that I'll be up and back in my groove again...

Thansk for letting me know

Alderney (who is SOOO unfit, but I have to gym as I have another 4 stone at least to lose...!!)

dyzzidi Tue 22-Mar-05 13:22:34

I have been told when they remove my fibroid I will be in hospital for 7 - 10 days and need 3 months off work.

They are doing a myomectomy, and all the websites I have looked at have verified this.

So now I am confused.

Alderney Tue 22-Mar-05 13:34:38

There are obviously different levels of seriousness of fibroids...

Many people have them happily for years and they never ever need removed. My Gynaecologist is removing mine because it has encroached on my uterine wall and is not only giving me very heavy periods, and very painful perciods, but may well make it difficult to conceive again.

Yours clearly is far more serious than mine - it may be bigger or it may be in a very different location, requiring a different type of surgery.

Sorry to have confused you - my gynaecologist has definately said mine is day surgery...

dyzzidi Tue 22-Mar-05 13:36:38

God i wish mine was day surgery this is the fourht major op in the last six years and is for fertility reasons.

Good luck with your op!

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