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I've got a horrible cough, any ideas????

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Carameli Tue 22-Mar-05 07:12:56

I've had a terrible cough for over a week now, I'm sure it probably not that long but its driving me mad. My throat just feels raw from coughing and its also keeping me awake at night now.

I've been taking benilyn and steaming for it but its still horrid. Just wondered if anyone else had any other great ideas for getting rid of a horrible cough??

ggglimpopo Tue 22-Mar-05 07:36:20

Message withdrawn

anorak Tue 22-Mar-05 08:19:42

My daughter had this and was coughing up green gunge in the mornings. After a while it didn't seem to be getting better so I took her to the doctor. He said the green gunge was indicative of a bacterial infection and gave her antibiotics.

So if your symptoms match these I'd definitely go to the doctor for some antibiotics.

Yorkiegirl Tue 22-Mar-05 08:35:06

Message withdrawn

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