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Urine / Bladder / Kidney infection???

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kid Mon 21-Mar-05 19:58:07

Would a urine infection make you feel off balance? I've had several before and am convinced I have yet another one. The last one I had went to my kidneys which I'm sure it hasn't this time. But the 1st sign I had of anything wrong this time was feeling wobbly!
Will see how it goes tonight to see if I need to go Dr's. But in the meantime, I thought someone here can advise me

maddiemo Mon 21-Mar-05 20:13:01

Yes, I think so, or at least that is how I felt when I had a kidney infection. I let mine carry on for some time which is probably how the infection went to my kidneys. I do remember feeling very off and not with it.

kid Mon 21-Mar-05 21:02:16

I went to the loo 4 times in 1 hour. Not feeling to bad now but I did take some painkillers earlier.

kid Tue 22-Mar-05 07:32:34

I have to phone the Dr's this morning, hopefully they can see me. I am in pain now, feeling really cold and blood in urine too.

I have to take DD to the hospital at the end of this month for an ultra scan due to a urine infection she had in November. Maybe I can join her for some investigations?! This is the 4th or 5th one since August last year.

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