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Can feet be too small??

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HandbagAddiction Mon 21-Mar-05 17:00:23

Probably a really stupid question/concern BUT dd (18 months) has really small feet and I'm just wondering if I should be concerned. She's currently in size 3 shoes and despite getting them measured again recently (size 3's bought in mid-jan), her feet have hardly grown at all since then.

I know I should probably be thankful that I'm not having to shell out loads of cash for new shoes every 6-8 weeks....but they just seem too small? I just being silly?

MrsBigD Mon 21-Mar-05 17:12:21

Hi HandbagAddiction...
don't worry
dd is 3 now and only a size 5.5

If you're really concerned see your HV or GP to have her assessed.

I had real problems finding proper walking shoes for dd when she was 18 months as she also barely made it to a size 3

frogs Mon 21-Mar-05 17:13:28

hi hba!

Dd2 has the worlds dinkiest feet -- 15 months and still in 3-6 month bobuxes. My other two went straight into shoe size size 6 when they started walking (18months or so).

Maybe there's a bumshuffling connection? But I was under the impression your dd isn't walking properly yet, so do you actually need to buy shoes at all? It's worth putting off for as long as possible.

Don't worry, btw -- feet growing is like London buses: nothing for ages, then several sizes at once.

Twiglett Mon 21-Mar-05 17:14:51

IME they go in spurts .. the 6 weeks is just for getting them measured to check they haven't just had a growth spurt but you shouldn't expect to have to buy new ones each time

can't remember what size DS was at that age but in answer to your question . .. yes you probably are being a little silly

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 21-Mar-05 17:16:44

Don't worry HA.

I used to work for Clarks and it's perfectly normal for your dd to have tiny feet. I've seen so many tiny feet, big feet, wide feet, narrow feet.

My dd got her size 4's in October, she is now nearly 18 months and still the same size.
Now you've posted this thread she'll probably have a massive growth spurt and you'll end up getting new shoes!

HandbagAddiction Mon 21-Mar-05 17:17:34

MrsBigDand Frogs - thanks for the responses - nice to know that dd isn't the only one with small feet!!

Frogs - you're right, dd still isn't walking but the only reason I have bought her some cruising shoes is because she's moved up a group at nursery and they take them outside twice a day. Didn't want her outside in winter without some 'proper' footwear given that they do try to 'walk her around a bit'. They're under strict instructions to take the shoes off when she's inside though!!

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