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Missing period- really worried, could it be early menopause?

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louise301 Thu 04-Dec-08 19:38:27

Came off the pill in September to try and conceive second baby. Thought I was pregnent this month as period due 28 November. Waited until 2 December to take a test- was negative. Tested again on 3 December, negative again. Had all period type symptons, cramping, sore boobs etc so fully expected period to arrive which it never did. I'm certain period wont arrive now as no more symptons. Am worried that a) I gone through an early menopause at 32 or b) I could have an ectopic pregnancy, though unlikely as have no symptons ie stomach pains or c) its something more sinister. Have never missed a period in my life except for the one time I was pregnany...

Am going to leave it a few more weeks and then will make an appointment with gp, though not sure what they could do?

Anyone had this, know what it means? Feel really worried.

chaufleur Thu 04-Dec-08 20:12:00

I had this situation earlier in the year, wrote a similar message and someone posted "Congratulations!"

They were right smile

The maths show I was actually on a 36 day cycle that month so when I tested at 28 days etc I was only 6 smile

Fingers crossed for you

Congratulations! wink

chaufleur Thu 04-Dec-08 20:12:23

6 DPO I mean!

malloo Thu 04-Dec-08 20:39:04

took 7 months for my periods to come back after coming off the pill, I was panicking! even when they came back they were very irregular and I was convinced I was going to have fertility problems then nearly a year after stopping the pill I got preg, now 6 months gone! so, everyone is different but don't panic just yet, try and relax and let your body sort itself out. doctor did do some blood tests after about 6 months, ask your gp about that as well to put your mind at rest. hope things get back to normal soon.

louise301 Thu 04-Dec-08 20:54:35

Congratulations chaufleur, that must have been a bit of a shock especially if you tested negative! I don't think I'm pregnant as I ovulated on 15 November so in theory, a test should have shown up a positive by now.

Malloo- my periods were normal after I came off the pill but all of a sudden seem to have mucked up now, it makes no sense! Will definitely ask doctor for blood test if period doesnt turn up by end of month. Thanks for the advice!

MrsHappy Thu 04-Dec-08 21:04:57

Please don't worry.  There are a number of possible causes of this, none of which are anything like as worrying as early menopause.

You could have ovulated later than normal this month, and if you ovulate later your cycle will most likely be longer.  This happens to lots of us and if you have only been off the pill for a few months your cycle could still be settling down.

You could be having an anovulatory cycle.  This is entirely normal - we all have one once in a while and it could delay your period.

Much less likely, you could have an ovarian cyst.  Corpus luteum cysts pump out progesterone and so delay your period.  These are usually self-resolving so nothing to panic about.

Ectopic pg is extremely unlikely.  It's not the case that you would necessarily be in pain but with both of mine I did get a BFP, if somewhat later than you would expect (and the time it was late I had weird bleeding). 

I am sure this will all work itself out soon and either your period will turn up or it won't (for 9 months!).  Don't worry in the meantime. 

louise301 Fri 05-Dec-08 14:49:36

bumping this as would really appreciate others exoerience.

CliffRichardSucksEggsInHell Fri 05-Dec-08 14:52:46

My sister is in her early forties and going through peri-menopause. She gets that pregnant feeling, sore boobs, no period, all her own personal signs of being pregnant (metallic taste in mouth and going off tea), so much so that she once did 5 pregnancy tests and yet still didn't believe them when they came back negative, she went to the doctor in the end.

I've been a week late with my period for no apparant reason before either.

Sorry if you wanted to be pg, but those tests are pretty good, it's more likely, depending on your age, to be peri-menopause.

Clure Thu 15-Jan-09 09:09:29

Feel for you louise301. Mrs Happy gave sound advice. My experiences are since having DD1 who's nearly 4 my periods are all over the place. For about a year now they come every 2-3 months. I'm 41 and trying to concieve number 2. Can't pinpoint ovulation due to erratic cycle, terrified of menopause. Waiting to see follow up consultant appointment to see results of hormone tests. Had to have clomid to conceive first time. Haven't taken pill for over 20 years due to high blood pressure but I think it may take the body a while to adjust when you come off it. give it a little time then maybe request a blood test from GP to check your hormone levels. Good luck

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