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Bad sore throat for 2 weeks now....

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CountessDracula Mon 21-Mar-05 09:00:28

Is this normal? My glands are swollen too, just a bit worried cos dh said last night "hope it's not something more sinister" aaarrrrggghhh wish he would keep his big mouth shut sometimes.

I have also had a flu type thing, it's just that I have never had a sore throat for longer than a couple of days before. Anyone else got it?

Titania Mon 21-Mar-05 09:01:50

i had it a while ago and it lasted nearly 5 weeks. maybe you should get it checked in case its tonsilitis? i seem to be getting it again now

MistressMary Mon 21-Mar-05 09:03:06

yep, see my bleugh thread!

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