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I have pneumonia. When will I get back to normal?

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alhambra Sun 20-Mar-05 14:11:31

Hello. I am a new mumsnetter wondering if anyone has any experience of this. I've had pneumonia for four weeks and have had to farm out the kids to various friendly neighbours and friends but I can't believe it can last this long... The kids are exhausted from being farmed out, my dp is exhausted from being me as well as him, and I am still exhausted from the pneumonia. I am taking floradix, multivitamins, probiotics to counter the antibiotics, and I am spending my days
watching undemanding if not catatonia inducing tv. I am desperate to get my life back, and work are getting a annoyed with my absence. Is there a magic elixir I can take that will give me my va va voom back? I'd be so grateful for any advice.

efmach Sun 20-Mar-05 21:15:44

My friend had pneumonia and to be honest, it took her about 5-6 months to fully recover. The acute phase lasted about 8 weeks but she was exhausted for several weeks after that. Poor you, hope you make a full recovery sooner than that.

prettyfly1 Sun 20-Mar-05 21:37:57

sleep mate - its the only thing you can do. Have had it and i promise you all of a sudden you will just snap back into being yourself but the only real healer is plenty of (boring) rest. Try to get some fresh air regularly to prevent yourself feeling too drained as well!

Hope you feel better soon!!!

expatinscotland Sun 20-Mar-05 21:39:59

It took me about 2 months. I was VERY fit at the time and only 25; my pneumonia was a complication from influenza. Afraid you're just going to have to let your body by your guide on this.

serenity Sun 20-Mar-05 23:44:07

DH was off work for 6 weeks (was in hospital for a week!), went back last monday and is now signed off for another two weeks.....don't rush it, it takes time to get over it.

Dh's exhaustion is caused by the pneumonia causing him to become anaemic which I think is quite common. Has your GP done any blood tests? It might be worth getting it checked out.

Hope you feel better soon.

alhambra Mon 21-Mar-05 16:14:28

Thank you everyone.... so no miracle cures then, just being sensible. Ach well. Fresh air sounds like a good idea. What about exercise?

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