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bleeding 6 weeks after birth

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starlover Sun 20-Mar-05 10:31:12

Sorry in advance if this is too much info!..
DS was born 6 weeks ago tomorrow. My lochia was normal although it lasted quite a while. I think it stopped about a week or so ago, and since then I have had normal discharge, although some days it has been a bit heavier than usual.

But yesterady I started to bleed again... bright red.
Is this normal? Could it be a period? I am breastfeeding.

jampots Sun 20-Mar-05 10:32:28

could be a period possibly.

I bled for 5 weeks post c/s and then a break of a week and bleeding again. But then again I wasnt breastfeeding

LIZS Sun 20-Mar-05 10:34:27

I had exactly the same pattern and at my 6wk check dr agreed it was a period. This was the same second time around. Also had another at 8/9 weeks and with ds not again until he was 5 months old and weaning. Had mirena fitted 10 weeks after dd so it went a bit haywire after that. Both were fully breastfed until started weaning during 5 th month.

starlover Sun 20-Mar-05 10:36:43

what an arse! Just when I was thinking I'd be back to normal!

jolly4 Thu 24-Mar-05 15:39:19

starlover me too have been bleeding for 6 weeks don my head in

flic23 Thu 24-Mar-05 15:44:52

this happened to me too and then i had no more for about three months and then on and off i was BF doc said iwas more likely to be irregular if u dont totally stop

madrush Thu 24-Mar-05 15:50:05

I had recurrence of bleeding at about 11 weeks after birth that felt heavier than a period, not much pain but very heavy flow. Drs were convinced it was just a period but turned out to be an infection - worth getting checked out in case.

elliott Thu 24-Mar-05 16:15:15

I had this with ds1 - 4 weeks bleeding after the birth, then at 6 weeks another bleed. It was a period (despite fully bf 2 hourly day and night at that point!) - I had another about 5 weeks later and then back to normal cycle.
But yes, it could possibly be an infection so perhaps best to check it out, especially if there's anything that makes you feel it might not be a period.

starlover Thu 24-Mar-05 18:15:28

it's stopped now!
I have to make an appointment for a 6 week check anyway, so will mention it then

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